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Dropping out of university, and then what? Two trainees report

We are Kira and Jana - we are currently completing our training as industrial clerks at Kesseböhmer.

After graduating from high school, we were a bit clueless and initially started studying to become teachers, as it was the easiest career choice for us at that moment. However, it quickly turned out that all the theory and university life was not the right fit for us. We both totally missed the practical relevance as well as the social contacts and the resulting community. After a long period of consideration, we decided to withdraw from the program.

In our search for a suitable apprenticeship position, the company Kesseböhmer was suggested to us. With a bit of luck, we both got the chance for an interview. After the interview at Kesseböhmer, it was immediately clear to both of us that Kesseböhmer was our employer of choice. We immediately felt very welcome and comfortable from the first interview. In addition, there are numerous advantages to training at Kesseböhmer, such as a regular salary, good chances of being taken on and the option of a shortened training period. We were also pleasantly surprised by the large and great community of all the trainees, which was something we lacked in our studies. You get both the theoretical knowledge taught in school and a practical reference in the company. For us, we made the best decision! In our apprenticeship at Kesseböhmer, we found everything that our studies at university couldn't give us.

If you didn't find what you were looking for in your studies, you are welcome to apply for an apprenticeship or dual study program with us at Kesseböhmer. For Kesseböhmer, university dropouts are very welcome applicants. After all, you now know what you DON'T want and you may already have some specialist knowledge. In addition, dropouts have a better idea of what they want from their future.

We would be happy to hear from you and maybe welcome you to our team very soon!

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