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Storage solutions

CONVOY family – will win your heart with its straightforward and open approach

The main inspiration in the development of the entire CONVOY product line was the classic pull-out larder. By carrying out extensive market analyses we have succeeded in building on the principles of this concept and have managed to create a modern and captivating system. In a nutshell, CONVOY brings together a whole host of functions that make it the perfect storage cabinet - and not just in the kitchen.

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CONVOY Family – providing perfect access

The floating trays, supported on a single tube frame, produce the right wow effect simply by opening the cabinet. The resulting access from more than one side also means the stored goods are perfectly accessible. The CONVOY storage cabinet glides reliably and noiselessly out of the carcase on a double-damped rail, even when fully loaded. Glass, shiny chrome, matt anthracite or high-quality wood define the design which can be integrated harmoniously to your personal taste.


CONVOY Centro, with its impressive, elegant appearance and easy-to-use product features, is the ‘central’ starting point for the whole product range. With its single tube frame, the CONVOY Centro’s shelves float while the frame is neatly hidden behind the front panel. CONVOY Centro can be installed in widths of 300 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm.


CONVOY Lavido illustrates just how versatile the CONVOY system can be. Because it is not attached to the front panel, CONVOY Lavido is the ideal storage solution for all kinds of layouts, including behind sliding doors. CONVOY Lavido is not just a means of storing products, but also presents them in an attractive and emotionally appealing way. eTouch is opening up new worlds for the Lavido by automatically moving the storage unit outwards at the touch of a button. CONVOY Lavido can be installed in widths of 450 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm.


This unique solution is the culmination of our entire expertise in the areas of technology and design. You will be spellbound by its ability to operate smoothly and silently even when full. CONVOY Premio creates an emotional experience when you open or close it: Goods are accessible from three sides and move out of the unit by themselves thanks to the fixture to the front panel. CONVOY Premio is available in a width of 600 mm, making it wonderfully suitable as a cabinet for living and dining areas.

Flexible design

A side rail can be inserted to customise the CONVOY. Whether you prefer glass, wood or metal – you can have any arrangement you want.

Infinite height adjustment

The robust single tube frame is not restricted to any particular height, so making the best use of the available storage space.

Floating shelves

The free-floating shelves in the CONVOY dispense with conventional frame structures. The single-tube frame is discreetly attached to the moving front panel so it is not visible.

Smooth and silent

The CONVOY has a wide, double-damped rail with forced synchronisation. This means it moves reliably and noiselessly out of the carcase despite being fully laden.



A gentle push against the front with the hand or even the knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process

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ClickFixx reduces installation time and at the same time ensures a high standard of installation. Adjustment is done in no time with a simple screwdriver.

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SoftSTOPPplus for damped closing plus self-closing of the storage cabinet.

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Kesseböhmer's special ARENAplus coating prevents pots and pans, crockery and groceries slipping and sliding when a pull-out is opened or a carousel turned.

Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

SoftSTOPPpro for damped opening of the storage cabinet.

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Beam profile:

Silver, Ice White, Anthracite


Anthracite, Chrome

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