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Retail Solutions

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions production sites: focus on quality and diversity

Retail Solutions play a decisive role in the success of a retail store. With decades of experience and a focus on quality and variety, Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH presents a wide range of shopfitting solutions. Our production sites in Bohmte, Lübeck, Herrnhut and Quedlinburg specialize in various wire processing, sheet metal forming, welding, electroplating and powder coating processes. Not forgetting our assembly work and final assembly at each location.

Interlocking with sales: digital processes for maximum efficiency

The connection between production and sales is crucial in order to be able to serve the customer optimally. At Kesseböhmer Ladenbau, we rely on a very good integration of these two areas. By implementing standardized and digitalized processes, we achieve maximum efficiency. These advanced processes enable us to respond quickly to customer requirements and implement individual wishes precisely. In this way, we create the basis for tailor-made retail fixtures that meet the highest standards.

Production sites in Germany: Quality made in Germany

Our production sites in Germany are at the heart of our shopfitting solutions. The sites in Bohmte, Lübeck, Herrnhut and Quedlinburg are characterized by the highest quality standards and many years of experience in shopfitting. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and the continuous development of our manufacturing processes guarantee first-class production that fully meets the requirements of the market.

Bohmte: Innovation and precision in Retail Solutions

The production site and headquarters in Bohmte represents innovation and precision in shopfitting. State-of-the-art machines and technologies are used here to implement individual customer requirements to the highest quality. The close cooperation between the teams in Bohmte and other production sites enables the flexible use of resources and the smooth running of the entire production chain.

Lübeck: Tradition and craftsmanship combined in Retail Solutions

Lübeck stands for tradition, craftsmanship and industrial production in Retail Solutions. Our highly qualified employees rely on creativity and the art of design to create timeless retail fixtures. The combination of tradition and modern manufacturing processes makes Lübeck an indispensable part of our production landscape.

Herrnhut: Focus on efficiency and sustainability

Herrnhut focuses on efficiency and quality in wire processing. We attach particular importance to effective production and resource-saving processes. The focus on production in Herrnhut is reflected in our retail fixtures, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Quedlinburg: Versatility and flexibility in Retail Solutions

The Quedlinburg production site is characterized by its specialization in wire processing and powder coating. Here we rely on innovative technologies and expertise to manufacture high-quality wire products for shopfitting. Quedlinburg's versatility and flexibility enable us to meet our customers' individual requirements and offer tailor-made solutions.

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