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The history of HNP Metalltechnik GmbH in Quedlinburg

The roots of HNP Metalltechnik GmbH (1958-1999)

The history of HNP Metalltechnik GmbH in Quedlinburg dates back to 1958, when the PGH Draht- und Blechwaren was founded. Through various restructuring measures, the move to Magdeburger Straße 3b in 1969 and the transformation into VEB Metall Quedlinburg in 1973, the company continued to develop. With the reunification of Germany in 1990, the company was renamed MPV Quedlinburg and the first contact with Kesseböhmer was established. The following years were marked by significant events, such as the founding of HNP Metalltechnik GmbH.







1958: Foundation of PGH Draht- und Blechwaren
1969: Move to Magdeburger Straße 3b 06484 Quedlinburg
1973: Transformation into VEB Metall Quedlinburg
1990: With reunification - transformation into MPV Quedlinburg
1996: MPV Quedlinburg becomes HNP Metalltechnik GmbH with the help of the Kesseböhmer company
2000: Expansion of the production area
2001: Completion of a powder coating facility and a warehouse including a dispatch hall
2004: Construction of an office building
2007: Construction of a production hall
2017: All shareholder shares go to Kesseböhmer Holding
2018: Introduction of an ERP system in Quedlinburg and takeover into the Kesseböhmer Group - presentation of goods
2021: New logo - to recognize the affiliation to the Kesseböhmer Group
2023: Integration into Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Growth and development (1999-2023)

Since 1999, the Quedlinburg site has been characterized by continuous growth. Significant construction projects were implemented in the following years, including the completion of a powder coating facility and a warehouse with dispatch hall in 2001. The construction of an office building was accompanied by further structural changes.

HNP Metalltechnik - A reliable partner since 1958

Service portfolio of HNP Metalltechnik

HNP Metalltechnik in Quedlinburg has been a reliable partner in wire processing and metal construction since 1958. With 70 qualified employees, the company realizes individual projects in the areas of product presentation stands, sales displays, advertising aids, accessories for shopfitting, wire products and powder coating. The focus is on quality

Looking to the future

The success story of HNP Metalltechnik continues, now as an integral part of the Kesseböhmer Group. Through continuous innovation and adaptation to market needs, the company strives to further expand its position as a leading supplier in wire processing and metal construction. The partnership with Kesseböhmer provides a solid basis for future developments and joint success.

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions in Quedlinburg

Insights into production at Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions in Quedlinburg provides insights into a state-of-the-art production environment. Development and construction are carried out according to the customer's individual wishes and specifications, from the initial idea through to production. Wire and metal processing includes various techniques, including bending, spot welding, mesh welding, MAG welding, CNC punching, stamping, drilling and bending. The automatic powder coating system finishes products in all RAL colors and also enables the use of special colors and galvanic surfaces.

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