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CONERO – the extensive range for dressing rooms

Assemble your perfect outfit in just a few movements of the hand: everything is conveniently accommodated in a walk-in wardrobe. No wonder more and more people are including this space in the design of their house or apartment. Dressing rooms are a testament to style, organise a wardrobe and invite you to go on an adventure in fashion. CONERO from Kesseböhmer now offers a range of fittings for these rooms, with customisable functional elements to create a design-focussed ambience for all your favourite clothes. From wardrobe lift and tie organiser to ring tray, CONERO covers all your needs.

Functional pull-outs

The functional pull-outs mean you can efficiently store trousers or laundry bags, for example - and remove them very easily from the front when you need them again.

Practical shelf

A practical shelf provides perfect access to T-shirts and jumpers.

Belt and tie pull-out

A belt and tie pull-out was developed as an additional sideways pull-out underneath the clothes rail - creating practical storage in an unused space.

Wardrobe lift and global first, TOP wardrobe lift

In order to utilise the full height of wardrobes, CONERO also includes a wardrobe lift component. The wardrobe lift can carry 12 kg and moves easily and smoothly using an ingenious lever system. This classic version is also available in a 15 kg variant. The Top wardrobe lift is a global first; with a load capacity of 12 kg, it is also equipped with an additional storage shelf for bags or hats.

Functional sideways pull-out

The functional sideways pull-out offers the option of hanging trousers or bags for dirty laundry and can easily be retrofitted. The trouser pull-out provides space for up to 14 pairs of trousers.

Inside pull-outs and flock

The inside pull-outs with their slim frames and cushioned full extension offer space for underwear or for customised use with inserts for organisation.

The right element for every garment

CONERO offers a comprehensive program that is modular and fulfills every wish. From a belt and tie rack to a clothes rail and shoe storage to a laundry and trouser pull-out, every item of clothing will find the right place with this series.

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Catering for any depth or width

Clothes organisation for every taste

Everyone is different. We show it in what we wear and how we live. Successful fashion draws on this individuality - and successful furniture design does the same. CONERO was developed to let the latter happen. The concept can be adapted to the specific design situation. It takes into account two wardrobe depths of 475 and 345 mm installation depth and covers any wardrobe width between 334 and 1,020 mm.

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Sustainable material

Lighter, stronger and more sustainable

The product features of the trouser hangers made of natural-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic are superior to conventional plastic in many respects. The material composition with a proportion of 30% cellulose manufactured from meadow grass not only make the hangers light, dimensionally stable and temperature-resistant, but also 100% recyclable.

Comfort and design

CONERO is the system for every dressing room, combining design and convenience in the best way. Whether you are looking for an open design or the contents of your wardrobe should disappear behind sliding or revolving doors, CONERO can be adapted to many different requirements whilst remaining true to one thing: supporting the chosen version with design and functionality. The result is a stylish storage space in which the contents of the wardrobe can be seen and used at a glance. Quality design vocabulary in a soft edge look meets coordinated colour concept.

Stylish colour concept

The system adapts to its surroundings in terms of colour too - Powder Black and Powder Gold correspond with the tones and materials of the setting, depending on individual taste.

Powder Black

Powder Gold

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