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Shop-in-shop systems in Retail Solutions

In the vibrant retail universe, shop-in-shop systems are proving to be an exciting solution for creating tailor-made specialty departments in department stores, shopping centers and supermarkets. These ingenious concepts enable the precise bundling of product ranges, specific manufacturers or individual brands in a central location, creating a unique shopping environment. The visual differentiation from the usual store environment not only creates visual harmony, but also enables a targeted focus on specific target groups and product categories.

Shop-in-shop and its meaning

These special departments, also known as shop-in-shop systems, have become an integral part of department stores, shopping centers and supermarkets. This is not just about spatial separation, but above all about the creative staging of product ranges, specific manufacturers or individual brands. This innovative approach opens up a wide range of possibilities for optimizing the presentation of goods and creates an inviting atmosphere for customers looking for specific products or brands.

The importance of an appealing and functional design becomes even clearer: shop-in-shop systems must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and efficient. The integration of sales displays, sales shelves, sales islands and other elements plays a decisive role in the optimal presentation of products. This harmonious interplay of aesthetics and functionality is essential to attract customers' attention and offer a pleasant shopping experience at the same time.

Shop-in-shop concepts are particularly widespread in sectors such as food retail (food retail & PET), fashion, specialist and DIY stores (DIY & Professional) and fast-moving consumer goods (FCMG) stores. Here they enable the targeted combination of products, create a uniform brand experience and contribute to successful positioning in the highly competitive retail market.

The symbiosis of visual appeal, targeted product placement and well thought-out interior design makes shop-in-shop systems an indispensable tool in modern shopfitting. In this context, Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions plays a key role as an expert that offers not only products, but also comprehensive solutions for the planning, conception, development, installation and design of shop-in-shop systems. With a broad portfolio of shelves, displays, sales islands and more, Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions is your reliable partner for the successful realization of shop-in-shop concepts.

The essentials for shop-in-shop systems

What is a shop-in-shop system?

A shop-in-shop system is a separate sales area within a larger store. This enables the targeted presentation of product range items, manufacturers or brands at a central location.

Who produces shop-in-shop systems and displays?

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of shop-in-shop systems, sales displays and presentation displays. We not only impress with our "Made in Germany" quality, but also with our innovative designs and carefully selected materials.

Who designs and develops shop-in-shop systems?

With its own designers and constructors, Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions designs and develops innovative shop-in-shop systems that meet the individual requirements of its customers.

The importance of shop-in-shop design in Retail Solutions

There are several aspects to consider when implementing a shop-in-shop system. Lighting plays a crucial role in presenting the products correctly. Modern equipment and the use of lighting techniques are essential to show off the products to their best advantage. It is also important to highlight the branding and its unique selling points in line with the CI. This helps to ensure consistent and appealing product positioning.

There are some important considerations when implementing an SiS system:

1. interior design advice: It is crucial that the store design complies with the company's CI guidelines to ensure consistent branding.

2. product selection: Which products should be presented? It is essential to identify products that will benefit from a shop-in-shop system.

3. Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in the presentation. Modern lighting solutions are important for displaying products correctly and attracting customers' attention.

Challenges and solutions in shop-in-shop design

Brand manufacturers and their needs:

Brand manufacturers strive for differentiation and attention. Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions makes this possible through innovative design and a high-quality finish that appropriately represents the image of the brands.

Presentation with
style and quality:

The presentation in shop-in-shop systems should be of high quality and represent the company appropriately. Kesseböhmer makes this possible with "Made in Germany" quality, attractive design and carefully selected materials.

Efficient implementation of rollouts:

Branded companies need a partner who can deliver and assemble large quantities of shop-in-shop systems on time. Kesseböhmer sees itself as an equal partner that provides efficient support throughout the entire development process, from the initial idea to assembly.

Effective product presentation

A well thought-out design of shop-in-shop systems enables an effective presentation of goods that attracts customers and encourages them to buy.

Brand identity and customer loyalty

The design helps to create a unique brand identity that strengthens customer loyalty and creates an unforgettable shopping experience.

Flexible adaptation to trends:

Thanks to modular and scalable systems, the design can be flexibly adapted to current trends and changes in the market without the need for major conversions.

With Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions as your experienced partner, you not only receive high-quality shop-in-shop systems, but also comprehensive advice, planning, development and installation from a single source. You can rely on our innovative spirit and our many years of expertise in shopfitting to successfully implement your shop-in-shop concepts.

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