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Impulse goods and their importance in retail

In the turbulent world of retail, impulse buying has an enormous impact as a powerful tool that significantly influences customers' purchasing decisions. The impulse purchase, which is triggered by situational or personality-related stimuli, manifests itself in a variety of places in the store - be it directly at the entrance, within the various departments, as a meaningful addition to other products or even in the busy checkout area. This variety of points of influence emphasizes the need for thoughtful placement and appealing presentation of impulse merchandise on the sales floor in order to achieve the greatest possible success.

Design in the impulse goods sector

The importance of the design of impulse product placements goes far beyond mere aesthetics. An appealing yet functional design plays a crucial role by not only improving the visibility of products, but also creating an inviting atmosphere that entices customers to linger longer. The design of impulse merchandise placements becomes a creative key that captivates customers. The clever use of recommendations, targeted promotions and an attractive presentation creates an environment in which customers make spontaneous purchasing decisions and allow themselves to be carried away by the fascination of the impulse goods on offer. In this interplay of design and presentation elements, the shopping area becomes an inspiring stage for impulse shopping.the selection of goods in the farm store is as diverse as the landscape from which they originate. Customers appreciate the quality and freshness of the products, which are often bought directly from the farm or neighboring farms. This direct link between producer and consumer creates the trust and transparency that characterize the farm store - without the need for personal contact when shopping.


The psychology behind the checkout area and opportunities to increase sales


Why higher unit prices in the checkout area?

The higher unit price of items in the checkout area compared to larger packs on the store shelf is not random pricing, but is based on a deep knowledge of human buying behavior. This targeted pricing strategy is based on the fact that customers are particularly susceptible to impulse purchases while waiting at the checkout. The wait provides a unique opportunity to draw customers' attention to additional, high-priced impulse goods that they might not buy in bulk.

In this moment of calm before checkout, retailers can use cleverly placed displays to draw attention to exclusive or newly launched products. These impulse goods, be it an exquisite chocolate variety, an innovative electronic gadget or a high-quality care product, can entice customers to make spontaneous purchasing decisions due to their uniqueness and attractiveness.

The shelves in the checkout area should therefore not only be seen as a place for the final step of the shopping process, but rather as a strategic sales area. By cleverly placing impulse merchandise in this area, retailers can not only increase customer dwell time, but also take advantage of opportunities to increase sales generated by impulse purchases. An effective presentation of high-quality and attractively presented impulse goods in this area can create a win-win situation for customers and retailers.

Special requirements and higher margins for impulse goods

Higher margins on impulse articles and customized presentation solutions

In retail, the higher margins of impulse items are no secret. These products often require special presentation techniques and shelving systems in order to be effective. At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions, we implement innovative checkout conversions that focus on the sales promotion of impulse items. The presentation of impulse goods requires customized solutions. Our shelving systems are designed to maximize margins and increase the visibility of products.

The art of placement for impulse buying

Impulse goods embody those little treats that customers like to indulge in on the spur of the moment. However, the key to success lies not only in the product itself, but also in its clever placement at the POS. A well thought-out shelving system, strategically positioned in the immediate vicinity of highly frequented areas, creates the ideal stage for unplanned purchases. Here, product presentation and store design merge into a powerful unit that entices customers to make unconscious purchasing decisions through targeted placement and visual stimuli - a decisive factor in increasing sales in the impulse goods segment.

Treat yourself and afford something: emotionalization through Retail Solutions

Customers' emotional attachment to impulse goods is further strengthened by the right placement. Customers want to treat themselves to something, to afford something - a need that is optimally served by appealing shelving systems and a well thought-out store design. The visual appeal of a well-designed impulse goods shelf creates an emotional connection to the products. This emotional element, reinforced by the aesthetic presentation, not only emphasizes the importance of the products, but also increases the customer's desire to indulge in these small everyday pleasures. Shopfitting thus becomes a decisive instrument for making impulse goods not only visible, but also tangible and indispensable.

The importance of the right presentation of impulse goods in Retail Solutions

Impulse Retail Shelving as a success factor in Store Design:

In the world of retail, the right presentation of impulse goods is one of the keys to success. It's not just the placement or design alone, but the sum of all the parts that contribute to customers buying spontaneously. From innovative shelving systems to clever placement at the checkout area - every detail counts. Store design is a decisive success factor. At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions, we understand that the right combination of aesthetics, functionality and flexibility is necessary to present impulse goods in the best possible way. Our shelving systems are designed to improve the shopping experience and sustainably increase sales.

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