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Customer guidance in Retail Solutions: innovative solutions for effective entrance and exit systems

In the world of retail, customer guidance is crucial to the success of a store. An appealing and functionally designed store layout has a significant influence on customer flow and contributes to the positive perception of a store. At Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH, we rely on innovative solutions, particularly in the area of entrance and exit systems, to optimize customer guidance.







Modern technologies for precise customer guidance

The METAM SWING and SLIDE entry & exit systems are revolutionizing customer guidance in shopfitting. By using LIDAR, an innovative sensor technology, we achieve a significantly higher measuring accuracy. The specially developed 3-phase synchronous motor enables fast and precise opening and closing of the gate arms. Data is exchanged via a proprietary radio system that not only enables innovative communication, but also offers a high level of security. This system allows the time-efficient integration of additional devices for customer control and entry and exit control in stores.

Efficient assembly and future planning thanks to innovation

The patented floor mounting and pre-configured connection points of the METAM entry & exit systems not only ensure cost-efficient installation on site, but also a sustainable investment. The planned cloud-based information dashboard provides access to usage details and condition information. This data is not only crucial for predictive maintenance, but also supports in-store staff planning and thus contributes to effective and sustainable store management.

Individual color & function design

The METAM entrance & exit systems not only rely on top technological performance, but also offer a unique opportunity for individual color and functional design. The flexible customization allows retailers to adapt the systems perfectly to their corporate design, which not only makes customer guidance more effective, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

Creative freedom for brand presence

The creative freedom to customize colors and features as needed strengthens retailers' brand presence. Whether through subtle hues that inspire confidence or eye-catching designs that draw customers' attention, this customization creates an inviting atmosphere and strengthens your store's brand identity.

Focus on aesthetic design and functionality

The combination of aesthetic design and high functionality is a central aspect of METAM entry & exit systems. This holistic approach not only improves the external appearance, but also optimizes intuitive operation. This not only increases the efficiency of customer guidance, but also sustainably optimizes the shopping experience for your customers.

Integration of a mesh network

The mesh network revolutionizes customer guidance by seamlessly integrating different systems, outperforming conventional solutions and creating synergies for effective and forward-looking customer guidance. It enables intelligent communication between entry & exit systems and other customer control devices, ensures flexibility for customization and creates synergies for maximum efficiency and resource conservation. Our mesh network not only positions your retail business at the current standard, but also equips it for future challenges.

Factors for effective customer guidance in food retail

Visibility, orientation, accessibility

The three decisive factors for customers in terms of customer guidance in food retail are visibility, orientation and accessibility. Our entrance and exit systems take these aspects into account and help to ensure that customers can enter and exit the store easily without losing the overview.

Self-service checkouts (SCO) for efficient customer guidance

Effectiveness of SCO solutions

Self-service checkouts (SCO) have become an essential tool in modern customer management. By processing transactions quickly, SCO solutions make a significant contribution to making the customer flow efficient and reducing waiting times to a minimum. The effectiveness of SCO solutions lies in their ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently. Customers appreciate the ability to complete their purchase independently, which not only speeds up the checkout process but also promotes a positive shopping experience. Our inbound & outbound systems seamlessly integrate SCO solutions to ensure a smooth interaction. Self-service checkout integration is strategically implemented to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your retail business for the future.

Security against loss of goods: precise controls for maximum security

The discussion about potential loss of goods with SCO solutions requires careful consideration of security standards. Our entry & exit systems not only rely on the highest security standards, but also offer targeted measures to minimize potential loss of goods. Precise entry & exit controls ensure that only authorized persons enter or leave the store. Our technology ensures accurate monitoring that not only prevents theft, but also creates a comprehensive security structure for your retail store. The integration of security protocols into our entry & exit systems ensures that SCO solutions are not only effective, but also safe to operate. These targeted security measures are a key part of our solutions to protect your business from unauthorized access and loss of goods.

Customer guidance and accessibility

Entrance and exit systems must not only control the flow of customers, but also be designed to be barrier-free. With intuitive operation and clear markings, our solutions help to ensure that every customer can enter and leave the store without any problems.

The importance of well thought-out customer guidance

In today's increasingly competitive retail environment, well thought-out customer guidance is of crucial importance. At Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH, we not only rely on innovative technologies, but also combine them with aesthetic design and the highest safety standards. Our solutions help to ensure that customers not only experience the store efficiently, but also positively - a decisive factor for sustainable success in the retail sector.

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