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Virtual and augmented reality in Retail Solutions: innovative solutions from Kesseböhmer

In the world of modern store design, the use of virtual reality (VR) has become a crucial tool. At Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH, we see these technologies as an essential part of every design project. With our comprehensive service, we offer our customers a wide variety of shopfitting solutions, with VR playing a central role.

The importance of VR in Retail Solutions

Virtual and augmented reality in shopfitting have undergone a remarkable development in recent years. They are not just technical gimmicks, but are seen as an integral part of the planning and design of retail stores. The possibilities offered by VR go far beyond conventional presentation methods. It allows us to visualize, optimize and even interactively design the retailer's store design long before construction begins.

A vivid example of experiencing store design in virtual reality (VR) in advance is the visualization of a modern retail store in the adjacent image. Here we see how store owners can use VR technology to check the layout of their store by virtually experiencing the placement of shelves, the arrangement of products and even the lighting effects. This immersive experience allows them to optimize the shopping experience for their customers and make their business successful.

Early planning and visualization

VR reality for insights

VR technology enables store owners and designers to experience their future store design in a virtual environment before it is physically built. An immersive experience is offered with 360° stereo 3D representations on various end devices. This realistic simulation allows potential problems to be identified at an early stage and adjustments to be made, resulting in more efficient planning.

Store Design in VR

The integration of store design in virtual reality (VR) enables store owners and designers to actively participate in the design process. This innovative technology opens up new creative possibilities in Retail Solutions.

Realistic previews

Pre-experiencing store design in virtual reality (VR) provides store owners with an immersive experience to identify potential problems and optimize the shopping experience. VR technology allows various aspects of store design, such as shelf placement and product arrangement, to be viewed and optimized from different angles to create an engaging and efficient shopping experience. Visual axes and distance effects can also be checked and optimal orientation ensured.

Efficient planning and implementation

Easy-to-use VR to present the store design enables efficient planning and implementation of your project. Virtual walkthroughs of the store before construction begins allow you to identify and rectify any potential problems at an early stage. Our WYSIWYG principles (what you see is what you get) guarantee that the end product is exactly what you want. VR reality in shopfitting gives you the opportunity to view your store design from different angles, helping you to find the optimal layouts and arrangements for your products and ensure efficient use of available space.

  • VR enables virtual tours of the store before construction begins
  • Early detection and elimination of potential problems
  • Guarantee that the end product meets expectations
  • Viewing the store design from different angles
  • Optimization of layouts and arrangements for products
  • Efficient use of the available space
  • Realistic simulations promote precise planning

Advantages of VR and AR in retail

Our VR and AR solutions offer numerous benefits for retailers. Cost-efficient store design planning allows you to make the most of your budget while creating a unique shopping experience. Interactive VR presentations enable customized retail environments that seamlessly adapt to your customers' needs. Virtual store design simulations offer an enhanced shopping experience that will delight your customers. VR reality in shopfitting allows you to test and optimize your store design in a virtual environment, helping you to create the best possible interior for your customers and run your business successfully.

Importance of virtual and augmented reality in Retail Solutions

Overall, virtual and augmented reality have become indispensable in shopfitting. They offer you as a retailer the opportunity to experience and optimize your store design at an early stage, resulting in an improved shopping experience and a competitive advantage. By integrating VR and AR, we can work with you to develop innovative store concepts and increase your sales potential. At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions, we are happy to assist you in turning your visions into reality. VR reality and AR in shopfitting are not only innovative technologies, but also crucial tools for realizing your business ideas and running your company successfully.

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