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Storage solutions

YouboXx storage containers – kitchen organisers

The YouboXx system simplifies and optimises interior organisation with a high level of personalisation. The system of YouboXxes is designed to work without shelves to support them. Every YouboXx can be placed anywhere in the pull-out – freely hanging from the cross beam. They can be repositioned at any time.
All YouboXxes are fully compatible with each other and can be inserted, moved and removed quickly. Ideal for organising workflows in the kitchen even faster and more practically. Every user can put together their own customised system of organisation.

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YouboXx sets for the bathBOX

Use the bathBOX30 combined with the YouboXx system for perfect interior organisation of all those items in a bathroom so they are organised and easy to see.

YouboXx sets in DISPENSA 90° and DISPENSA junior III

The YouboXx set was developed as a system for the entire DISPENSA family. The cross beam for suspending the YouboXxes is simply hooked into the frame. By turning 180 degrees, the spacing can be reduced from 100 mm to 50 mm - for even better use of storage space.

YouboXx sets in DISPENSA junior slim

The cook only has to go to the DISPENSA junior slim equipped with YouboXx fittings for all the important kitchen aids they need to quickly prepare a meal. Fetching chopping boards and knives straight away to cut vegetables and meat. Then easily reaching for the oil to sauté and sear. Finally, seasoning with spices from the DISPENSA junior slim.

Use of

YouBoxx storage containers are perfect for the kitchen since you can see everything at a glance. With their well thought out design and different sizes, they are an ideal solution for organising kitchen utensils, spices and lots more.

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Design variants


Support rail: Silver
YouBoxx: White

Ice white

Support rail: White
YouBoxx: White


Support rail: Anthracite
YouBoxx: Anthracite

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