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Holzwerk rockenhausen - Quality guideline

Holzwerk rockenhausen GmbH & Co. KG is committed to acting sustainably towards customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. Sustainability means that product quality and delivery reliability in particular have priority.

Quality is the basis of all our activities. It is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy and is communicated, understood and implemented in all areas of our company. It is the basis for the work of all our employees.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee this satisfaction through products that meet the customer's requirements, high delivery reliability and excellent service.

In our understanding, quality is essentially achieved at the beginning of the value creation process. Our suppliers therefore play an important role in the creation of quality products. We ensure that only materials from suppliers that meet our quality requirements are used.

All processes in the value chain are accompanied by continuous quality improvement.

In all areas of the company, our employees are familiar with the specifications for achieving the required quality and are responsible for fulfilling them. The divisions are obliged to define measurable quality targets, back them up with measures, implement them and check their effectiveness.

Their motivation, qualifications and identification with the products shape the company's success. Maintaining and developing our QM system leads us to continuous quality improvement and thus to job security.

Our aim is to help shape the national and international market through product innovation and new quality standards, to consolidate our market position and to expand it in a targeted manner. To this end, the company management is informed about the effectiveness of the QM system at all times.

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