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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions in France with Kesseböhmer

A look at our expertise and comprehensive services

Shopfitting is an art that not only influences the presentation of goods, but also shapes the customer's shopping experience. Since Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions was founded in France in 2014, we have continuously developed and expanded our expertise in the field of system shopfitting. We originally started with three dedicated employees - a sales manager, a technical coordinator and a sales representative. In July 2018, we finally opened the office in France. Today, we are not just an office, but a comprehensive customer administration with a dedicated team of technicians and a Technical Manager supporting our customer service across the country. This development allows us to expand our services and move into new areas, including the installation of shelving for various customers based in France.

Retail Solutions in France - From the beginnings to today

Clear insights into the progress of the project allow our customers to understand at all times what steps are being taken and how their project is progressing. This not only strengthens the relationship with our customers, but also enables them to work successfully on the project. Since our foundation in 2014, we have continuously improved our shopfitting services in France. With an initial focus on the bake-off sector, we have expanded our portfolio and now offer comprehensive solutions for system shopfitting, conceptual shopfitting, system shelving and product presentation in France. Our growth is the result of our passion for innovation and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Transparent project progress for customers
  • Strengthening the customer relationship through clear insights
  • Active customer involvement in the project
  • Continuous improvement since foundation in 2014
  • Expansion of the portfolio to include various areas of Retail Solutions

Portfolio and process in system shop construction in France

Our portfolio in system shop construction in France is wide-ranging and offers solutions for every need. From conception to implementation, we offer a complete package that is characterized by quality and innovation. Retail Solutions in France is carried out in close cooperation with our customers, taking into account their individual requirements and wishes. Questions such as the scope of our Retail Solutions portfolio in France and the Retail Solutions process are answered transparently by our experts to ensure that every phase runs smoothly. We believe in a partnership based on trust and professionalism.

System shelving in France

Our system shelving in France offers flexible and customized solutions for efficient product presentation. From material selection to installation, we support our customers in France in presenting their products in the best possible way. We develop individual concepts that reflect the brand identity and draw attention to the products. The flexibility of our system shelving enables us to respond to specific needs and offer customized solutions. High-quality materials ensure an appealing presentation and are durable and easy to clean.

Our experienced specialists guarantee precise and reliable installation of the system shelving. We set the highest standards to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. All in all, our system shelving in France offers tailor-made solutions for optimal retail solutions.

Yann Tanguy

Business Development Manager France

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