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Powder coating

Kesseböhmer has many years of expertise and great competence in the field of surface finishing.

Our modern powder coating systems can coat both small parts and large parts up to a length of 3000 mm depending on the width (to be determined on a product-specific basis) and a height of 2000 mm. We can handle components weighing up to 10 kg. Our powder systems can reliably process material thicknesses of up to 6 mm.

Professional powder coating for trade and industry is regarded as an absolutely environmentally friendly, highly corrosion-resistant and extremely decorative process for metal painting and metal finishing.

Powder coating at Kesseböhmer

The entire range of RAL colors is available to us for powder coating. We have the option of coating surfaces from matt to glossy and from fine structure to highly weather-resistant.

  • All color registers such as RAL, VCS...
  • Aluminum and steel, already CDC-coated components
  • Automated 7-zone pre-treatment technology
  • One and two-coat paint systems
  • Surfaces resistant to mechanical stress
  • Most environmentally friendly painting process thanks to virtually loss-free production methods
  • Fully automated painting lines with economical offline color changes
  • 60,000 parts daily throughput volume
  • Permanent parameter monitoring ensures reliable surface quality
  • Ecological heating of the systems using renewable energies

In addition to powder coating, we also offer cathodic dip coating and electroplating. Simply get in touch with us.

What exactly is powder coating?

Powder coating is a surface finishing process and has two main functions: decorative and/or functional. In electrostatic powder coating, electrically conductive materials such as aluminum and steel are coated with powder paint. This is how it works: the powder coatings are applied to the relevant workpieces using an electrostatic or similar process using spray guns, where they melt under the influence of heat and cross-link to form an impact and scratch-resistant surface. During this process, a chemical reaction takes place which gives the coating its optimum properties. This results in decorative and mechanically resistant coatings on metal parts, which later give buildings, machine components or vehicles, for example, their unmistakable appearance. A variety of surface effects such as smooth, finely or coarsely textured, matt or glossy are possible thanks to the appropriate composition of the color powders.

Why powder coating?

Powder coatings are among the most advanced, modern and environmentally friendly coating systems currently in use. They offer excellent processing options while maintaining high quality standards. For example, the formation of runs, bubbles and drips can be ruled out. In addition, the powder coating is highly resistant to mechanical stress and, thanks to this surface protection, cracks are much less likely to occur. Modern powder coatings can be formulated for maximum corrosion protection and are therefore durable and versatile. Special pigments ensure maximum UV stability and color fastness. The powder coating only hardens completely after a long period of time and can therefore withstand the weather for a long time, providing perfect rust protection. First-class environmental compatibility is guaranteed by the heavy metal-free pigmentation and solvent-free processing.

The following materials can be coated:

- Steel
- Galvanized steel
- Aluminium
- Components already CDC-coated (duplex coating)

Advantages of powder coating:

- Solvent-free and therefore environmentally friendly coating process
- Resource-saving and economical due to high material yield
- Decorative, corrosion- and UV-resistant and mechanically resilient surface
- Available in any color and gloss level

We look forward to working with you to develop solutions

Do you require innovative surface technologies? Have you already considered a coating technology, need advice or are looking for an exchange of experience?

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