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Retail Solutions for every requirement

Special shopfitting concepts are necessary due to the diversity of store types in the retail sector. It is important to find a suitable solution that meets the individual requirements and target groups for all types of stores, including food retail, cash & carry, petrol stations, drugstores, DIY stores, fashion and textile stores as well as shop-in-shop concepts and bookshops.

External impact, first impressions count:

The first interaction with the customer is the entrance area, which should leave a lasting impression. Recognition value and trust are created through consistency with the corporate identity (CI) in shopfitting. It is of great importance to address the target group in a targeted manner in order to appeal to potential customers and arouse their curiosity. The entrance area of a store is usually planned with a bakery in mind. Customers enter the store and are immediately greeted by the smell of freshly baked pastries. This aroma creates a pleasant atmosphere and gives customers a warm welcome.

Interior effect, the art of staging:

In order to offer a first-class shopping experience, the interior effect of a store is of crucial importance. Successful shopfitting is based on careful customer guidance and orientation. Modern customer guidance systems such as signage, floor markings and other visual aids make the way easier and ensure a smooth shopping experience.

retail fixtures play a decisive role in shopfitting, as they should not only be functional but also appealing. It includes shelves, counters and display furniture that present the products in an appealing way and use the space efficiently. Interior design goes beyond this and refers to the strategic arrangement of elements in the store to create a harmonious environment.

Atmosphere is a key factor that is shaped by lighting, music, color scheme and scents in the shopfitting sector. An inviting atmosphere attracts customers and invites them to linger. Graphic design contributes to the visual identity of the store through appealing signage, logos and labels.

The overall atmosphere is also influenced by the indoor climate, which includes the temperature, ventilation and acoustics of the space. An optimal indoor climate ensures that the noise level is comfortable and allows for a relaxed shopping atmosphere, while a pleasant indoor climate creates a comfortable environment.

To ensure that the interior effect of the store meets the needs of customers and creates a positive shopping experience, it is important to seamlessly incorporate these elements into a well-thought-out overall concept.

Presentation of goods,
visual communication at the highest level:

There are several aspects to consider when implementing a shop-in-shop system. Lighting plays a crucial role in presenting the products correctly. Modern equipment and the use of lighting techniques are essential to show off the products to their best advantage. It is also important to highlight the branding and its unique selling points in line with the CI. This helps to ensure consistent and appealing product positioning.

Lighting, light as an emotional design element:

The importance of the right lighting in shopfitting goes beyond simply generating light. It is responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere and designing products and surfaces differently. Lighting is crucial for creating a pleasant lighting mood that positively influences the customer's shopping experience.

There is a particular focus on the energy efficiency of product illumination. This sustainable and environmentally friendly method uses lighting solutions that both meet visual requirements and contribute to environmental protection. This conscious decision for energy-efficient lighting options not only contributes to ecological responsibility, but also reduces operating costs.

However, lighting design in shopfitting goes beyond purely practical considerations. It creates an inviting shopping atmosphere and reinforces the brand message. The targeted selection of light sources, color temperatures and lighting scenarios not only strengthens the presentation of goods, but also reinforces customers' emotional connection to the brand.

Overall, it is clear that the right lighting in shopfitting has a variety of functions, including the visual design and sustainable illumination of goods. This careful approach creates a win-win situation by combining aesthetic requirements as well as environmental responsibility and economic efficiency.Overall, the careful planning and implementation of a comprehensive shopfitting concept helps retailers to create an experience rather than just sell products. The combination of aesthetic design, functional furnishings and targeted lighting creates a space in which customers enjoy spending time and shopping.

Tailor-made Retail Solutions:
Together for success from conception to perfect product presentation

Thanks to our many years of experience in shopfitting in the retail sector, we are able to develop individual concepts that take into account the requirements of different types of stores as well as the individual needs and goals of our customers. Together we build a successful retail store - from the first impression to the perfect presentation of your products.

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