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Progress with tradition: Over 60 years at the forefront

Kesseböhmer’s success story begins in 1954: This was the year in which Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer and his father Josef made history when they took over production from Becker & Co. in Bad Essen. For over 60 years, the name Kesseböhmer has stood for innovative solutions in metal finishing that set the bar in terms of quality, functionality and design. The focus of the company’s activities is metal processing. Kesseböhmer processes wire, flat strips and tubes and applies finishes to these components through its own electroplating and powder-coating methods. Kesseböhmer became a leading supplier by taking advantage of their unique combination of tradition and innovation for the kitchen industry.

Owner-led for generations

With the expansion of the company’s commercial activity into shop-fitting, the automotive industry and wood processing, Kesseböhmer furthered its leading position in the industry, situated itself for the future and now manages approximately 3500 employees across ten locations. The heart of the company has remained unchanged for nearly 70 years: Kesseböhmer is still owner-managed today, developing tailored products for its customers that only leave production after extensive quality control tests have been carried out.

One-stop production

Another thing that’s special about Kesseböhmer is that, from concept to delivery, all production operations are carried out on our premises – including the development and production of the necessary machines and tools. This allows us to put the innovative ideas of our developers into practice, quickly and without compromise. Functions that are inspiring. Designs that are convincing. Quality that sets new standards.

Our history

2023: Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH & Co. KG is founded

Reorganising our Retail Solutions department is another step in the consistent restructuring of the company we’ve been consistently carrying out for years. Against this background, the department’s four Retail Solutions locations were combined into a centrally controlled sales department for customers going forward in order to ensure seamless cooperation.

2019: Completing the tool shop and production technology expansions in Preussisch Oldendorf

The works for expanding Schwarz’s production spaces ongoing since October 2017 are completed at the end of 2019. The production facilities now benefit from approximately 2500 m² of additional space in the tool shop and an almost 2600 m² production hall with an integrated pressing shop. Over the course of these additions, more jobs have been created at this location.

2018: Inauguration of a new building complex at Krause Metall in Herrnhut

The new construction project started in 2017 at Krause Metall in Herrnhut and celebrates its topping out ceremony. The now completed expansion of the operating location of the Kesseböhmer Group in the Upper Lusatia region by approximately 6000 square metres comprises the new build which consists of a storage hall and assembly hall with office spaces, sanitary facilities and an underground car park.

2018: Expansion of the office building in Bohmte

The extended building now stands three storeys high and covers a total floor space of 1170 m2. Our two ground-floor conference rooms are real eye-catchers. The design rooms lead to the 300 m2 presentation room. This is where our partners can experience our products in an inspiring atmosphere.

2018: Completing the pressing shop in Dahlinghausen

In addition to the two electroplating units, a complex consisting of office buildings and a pressing and stamping plant. The figures are worth noting, as over the last few years more than 53,000 m² of the 105,000 m² plot has been built on, which is about 8 football pitches.

2018: Full integration of the Rockenhausen timber processing plant

The continual integration of the of the Rockenhausen timber processing plant into the Kesseböhmer Group sees success with new projects. In addition to the entire product development and launch, various internal processes can be optimised. The commissioning of the first robot workstation at the beginning of this year can be seen as a new milestone. Future large-scale projects aim to enhance the site further.

2017: New office building in Bohmte

A new office building is completed at Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG’s site in Bohmte in December 2017. This new build includes 34 offices, an exhibition hall and two conference rooms over a total of three storeys and covering 1220 square metres.

2017: GALVANK III commissioning in Dahlinghausen

Following Galvanik II, which was commissioned in 2009, Galvanik III represents another high point in the company’s 62-year history. The new electroplating unit covers an area of 16,500 m2, more than two football pitches. A total of 17,000 m3 of earth was moved, 6000 m3 of concrete poured and 2000 tons of steel used. This resulted in the creation of one of the largest and most modern electroplating units in the world.

2017: New coating plant in Bohmte

The existing powder-coating unit in Bohmte will be accompanied by a new plant this year. This will increase capacity and reduce downtime. When it comes to investment, energy efficiency and environmental protection are top priorities. This construction project is the perfect starting point for further growth.

2016: Showroom opening in China

From this year on, our sales partners and customers in Asia have access to an exhibition room for product and sales training courses. In addition to office spaces, a kitchen and a conference room, it features two prestigious exhibition rooms. Our pull-out drawer systems are arranged over a total of 300 m² and are adapted to local needs.

2015: Krause Metall celebrates its 90th anniversary

Krause Metall has been a part of the Kesseböhmer Group since 1998 and celebrates 90th birthday this year. With 100 employees, Krause Metall GmbH contributes to the success of the group in the areas of wire, profile and sheet processing. The anniversary is rounded off with a big summer party with the staff and partners.

2014: New try-out centre at Schwarz tool shop

In 2014, two new presses are commissioned in a hall that was specially designed for them. The new centre is completed with an 80-ton crane, while the existing press is updated to the latest technology with a complete retrofit. Along with this comes a 20 percent increase in the number of jobs, allowing for a 3-shift operation.

2012: Production areas are expanded

Both Krause Metall in Herrnhut and Kesseböhmer Weilheim are undergoing extensive expansion in 2012. In Herrnhut, a new production hall the size of 2,500 m² is built and the Weilheim site is expanded on a large scale with 4,500 m² of new production space. A total of 2,100 employees, including 161 trainees, are responsible for a total turnover of 370 million euros.

2011: Death of Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer

On 12 July, Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer loses his life in a tragic road accident at the age of 78. Mr. Kesseböhmer continued to assist the company in an advisory capacity even after retiring from his senior director role. He is deeply missed by the whole Kesseböhmer Group.

2010: Corporate restructuring of the group

Under the umbrella of Kesseböhmer Holding with Oliver Kesseböhmer as sole proprietor, the fittings technology division in Dahlinghausen and shop-fitting and display systems division in Bohmte become legally independent. In addition, the partnership shares are passed down to the fourth generation of the Kesseböhmer family.

2009: Start-up in Hungary

Together with Kesseböhmer’s long-standing business partner Häfele, Toplifter is founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2009, and the Hewil Toplifter product family is acquired.

2009: Completion of GALVANIK II in Dahlinghausen

The construction work for the second electroplating unit started in the previous year is successfully completed in Dahlinghausen in the municipality of Bad Essen at the end of 2009. In addition to the second electroplating unit, a 4.5 MW wood-fired power station for utilising regenerative energies is also commissioned at this site.

2006: Expansion of the Lübeck plant

In 2006, the plant in Lübeck is expanded by a whole 12,600 m². At the same time, considerable investments into efficient machinery are made. On top of this, an additional powder-coating unit is commissioned at the Lübeck plant.

2004: 50 years of Kesseböhmer

In 2004, Kesseböhmer marks the occasion of its half a century of existence with a grandiose anniversary celebration. To honour this great celebration, Lower Saxony’s incumbent Minister President Christian Wulff graces the company with a visit and delivers a brilliant keynote speech.

2001: Expansion in Dahlinghausen

The workshops in Dahlinghausen are expanded by an impressive 12,600 m² this year. What’s more, the adjacent west grounds are rounded off nicely with some additions. These include a car park, a new entrance to the motorway and a rainwater retention basin.

2000: Extension of the Bohmte plant

To see in the new millennium, Kesseböhmer initiates a new expansion project, extending the plant in Bohmte by approximately 7000 m².

1999: Acquisition of Storebest

With the acquisition of Lübeck-based system shopfitters Storebest, Kesseböhmer rounds off its product offering for the “Shop-fitting and display systems” business unit in 1999.

1998: Expanding the portfolio

The company successfully expands its product portfolio in office ergonomics and built-in fittings for caravans by acquiring a plant in Weilheim, Stuttgart and a supplier for furniture fittings based in Herrnhut, Saxony In less than ten years, annual turnover doubled, reaching 200 million German marks. What’s more, the number of employees reached 1000 – a new record.

1997: Change in leadership

They year of 1997 is shaped by an important change in the company’s leadership. Oliver Kesseböhmer, son of Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer, becomes director and proprietor of his family’s company.

Early to mid 1990s: Focus on exports

In the 90s, exports are expanded and stepped up significantly. Annual turnover in 1990 reaches 100 million German marks and the number of employees hits 740.

1991: Acquisition of freight forwarding and expansion of the half-timbered house

At the beginning of the 90s, Frank Kesseböhmer takes over the company’s freight forwarding department. The year 1991 also saw some innovations for the “Furniture Fittings Systems” product range: The half-timbered house is used for home exhibition in this portfolio.

1980s: Innovations shape the company

To kick off this development, the newly constructed powder-coating unit can be seen at the Bohmte plant in 1980. During this time, the first electroplating unit in Dahlinghausen is replaced by a new system. The development and introduction of the “Chrome Line” in the mid-80s mark an important milestone for the furniture Industry.

1979: Change in head of company

After the death of his father – Josef Kesseböhmer – Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer takes over as head of the company. Annual turnover more than doubles in this decade. With 300 employees, turnover is 35 million German marks in 1979.

1976: Expansions in Bohmte

The Bohmte plant is expanded substantially and another fluidised-bed coating system is successfully commissioned.

1975-1990: First shareholdings

Acquisition of shares in DWD-Drahtwaren from Deizisau, Stuttgart, who manufactures baskets for dishwashers and wire racks for refrigerators. Kesseböhmer also acquires shares in Marfil S.r.l in Morhange in Alsace-Moselle, France.

1971-1974: Large-scale expansions

The existing production capacities at the Bohmte and Dahlinghausen plants are upgraded even further through continuous expansions over these years. The company, employing 250 people at this time, generated an annual turnover of 12 million German marks at the beginning of the decade.

1969: Plant opened in Bohmte

The Bohmte plant celebrates its opening this year. There’s also reason to celebrate in Dahlinghausen, as a modern powder-coating unit increases the capacity for special surface treatments.

1969: The first “INTERZUM”

The first “INTERZUM” open its doors in 1969. Being an exhibitor from day one, Kesseböhmer partakes in Interzum.

1968: Successful growth

Particularly strong growth can be seen in the shop-fitting and display systems range. Kesseböhmer display stands are used to display familiar branded goods such as Tempo tissues and products from Henkel, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Vileda, Bosch and many other leading brands.

1965: Commissioning the first electroplating unit

The first electroplating unit for nickel, chrome and brass surfaces is put into operation in Dahlinghausen. The site also received its first office building.

Early 60s: Offering expanded with kitchen portfolio

The first electroplating unit for nickel, chrome and brass surfaces is put into operation in Dahlinghausen. The site also received its first office building.

1962: Commissioning a new plant

The production site in Dahlinghausen in the municipality of Bad Essen is constantly expanding. This year sees the start of operation for a newly constructed fluidized-bed coating system for plastic coating.

1961: First hall construction

To expand the production capacity for shop-fitting and display systems in a meaningful way, a new hall was constructed over a total area of 1500 m². In this year, the company sees an annual turnover of 1 million marks and employs 40 people.

1959: Expanding the product offering

By commissioning a new PVC coating system, Kesseböhmer expands its product offering in the early stages of its existence to include plastic-coated decorative items and sales and display stands.

1954: The company is founded

Together with his son Heinrich J., Josef Kesseböhmer takes over production from Becker & Co. in Dahlinghausen, Bad Essen, who emerge as manufacturers for baskets and sieves for potato-sorting machines. After this acquisition, the company Kesseböhmer was born and is from this point onwards dedicated to producing wire baskets and decorative display stands for Retail Solutions and product display business units.

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