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Storage solutions

Base units: make use of hard-to-reach spaces

Attempting to make use of space in your lower work area is often met with considerable restrictions in terms of comfort and user-friendliness. What’s more, options for organising the space are often limited and the storage space spirals into chaos over time. Kesseböhmer approaches this issue with its smart base unit options. These are solutions which allow you to perfectly organise your things and simplify your day-to-day operations. Even storage items that were previously hard to reach are now quick and comfortable to access. It’s a pleasure to store food in our base units, as these individual products can be used flexibly. Thanks to the wide range of different products, there’s a base unit solution for every room which will perfectly complement and optimise these spaces.


DISPENSA junior is the small pull-out larder for the kitchen. The full-extension pull-out covers all carcase widths between 300 and 600 mm and is equipped with SoftStoppPlus.

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DISPENSA junior slim 

Kesseböhmer DISPENSA junior slim base unit especially space-saving solution for easy organisation in the kitchen.

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The 30 cm COMFORT II base unit pull-out skilfully uses every centimetre. A range of different inserts provides perfect storage for bottles, coffee or tea. 

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K-Line base

K‐Line base ‐ full-extension pull-outs are suitable for base units with a width of 20 to 40 cm. This fitting is available as a partially mounted version. 

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No. 15

Kesseböhmer No.15 - niche unit 15 cm wide offers surprising uses. Especially space-saving solution for easy organisation in the kitchen.

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No. 15 3D-X K-Line

Kesseböhmer No. 15 3D-X K-Line - niche unit 15 cm wide offers surprising features. Especially space-saving solution for easy organisation in the kitchen.

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The Kesseböhmer cookingAGENT is what every hobby chef dreams of. Spices, ingredients, chopping boards, even plates and bowls have somewhere to go.

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cleaningAGENT is a system for storing and tidying products away, which was developed especially for cleaning and household products for use throughout the house.

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Portero - an innovation amongst cleaning product organisers. A system for storing and tidying products away, especially for cleaning and household products.

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