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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions for effective sales displays at Kesseböhmer

The world of retail is intensely competitive and first impressions play a crucial role. Retail displays are far more than simple stands; they act as strategic sales aids that drive impulse sales and generate additional revenue. We understand the essential importance of bespoke retail display solutions that not only present products in the best possible way, but also capture the interest of customers. Our expertise spans a wide range of retail furniture and retail displays that put your products in the spotlight while increasing sales.

Customer-oriented sales aids for a successful customer experience

The design of the shopping experience plays one of the most crucial roles in retail success. Our retail displays are designed not only to be functional, but also to create a positive customer experience. Through the targeted placement of sales furniture and sales displays, we create an atmosphere that encourages customers to linger longer and discover more. We develop solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales, as each individual element in the store layout has its own meaning. Our bespoke sales aids are designed to create a positive shopping environment where customers feel comfortable and want to return.

Customer-oriented sales displays for impulse sales and shop-in-shop solutions

Impulse selling and the role of sales displays are closely linked. At Kesseböhmer, customized solutions for sales displays are individually tailored to the customer's needs in order to promote impulse sales. By creatively designing our retail furniture and strategically placing it within the store concept, we can not only increase sales, but also support temporary sales promotions to attract additional attention and increase customers' willingness to buy. Our innovative shop-in-shop solutions with sales displays offer a unique opportunity to present products in a targeted manner and create an experience-oriented shopping experience. The focus here is on the targeted placement of sales furniture to attract attention and strengthen customer loyalty.

Customized solutions for more sales and creative development

Our creative design solutions for promotional items and budget-oriented secondary placements are also placed in dedicated sales furniture and sales displays. By customizing them to the customer's needs, we not only maximize the return on investment, but also create a unique appearance. Our retail furniture and displays are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, helping to strengthen brand image and increase customer loyalty. Individual development for maximum customer loyalty requires a deep understanding of the customer's needs. Our experts not only provide advice, but also use their creativity to develop unique solutions tailored to the product in question.

Advice for maximum performance

Our consulting services go beyond development. We optimize the performance of sales aids by working closely with our customers to ensure that their displays achieve the desired success. It is important that the focus is not only on the design, but of course also on the load-bearing capacity and resilience of the furniture for each product placement. Through targeted product placement and continuous analysis, we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of retail furniture and displays to achieve maximum results.

Metal displays - Robust and modern & POS display - Effective presentation at the point of sale

Metal displays not only lend robustness, but also bring a modern flair with industrial charm to the salesroom. Their versatility allows for an appealing presentation of different products and, with its simple design, helps to draw the customer's attention directly to the product being displayed. With our expertise in retail solutions, we can design bespoke metal displays that are not only functionally customizable, but also enhance brand image and increase customer loyalty. POS displays are essential for effective presentation at the point of sale. They are not only used for optimal placement and presentation, but are also a stimulus for additional sales.

Promotional sales furniture - flexibility for temporary promotions

Promotional sales furniture offers the flexibility to effectively support temporary promotions. Their integration into the store layout allows for a seamless and attractive presentation that encourages customers to make spontaneous purchasing decisions. With our many years of experience in retail solutions, we can design bespoke promotional sales furniture that is not only functional but also enhances the appearance of the store. Through thoughtful design and placement, we can increase customer interest and draw attention to specific products, optimizing the overall customer experience.

Customized product sales support - tailor-made solutions for your brand

Customized product sales aids not only represent the brand, but also create a unique connection to the customer. They are the key to sustainable customer loyalty and help to strengthen the brand image and increase customer loyalty. Through careful design and customization, we can use our expertise in retail solutions to create tailor-made product sales aids. These not only present the products in the best possible way, but also authentically reflect the brand identity and deepen the customer's emotional connection. Through the targeted integration of aesthetic elements and practical functionality, we create an environment that improves the customer's shopping experience and contributes to a positive perception of the brand.

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