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No.15 niche unit 15 cm wide offers surprising uses

Narrow spaces between cabinets offer lots of space and surprising uses - with the right fittings. The No. 15 front pull-out and the baking sheet and tray pull-out are just a couple of examples of customised fittings for narrow units. Lots of kitchens leave valuable space unused. It is a good idea to use this space for extra storage, perhaps with the 15 cm base unit pull-out from Kesseböhmer. Located next to the stove, this cabinet pull-out is a brilliant solution for your herbs and spices. The niche shelving unit is 15 cm wide and makes fantastic use of the tiniest of kitchen spaces as a small pull-out larder.

Good ideas can fit in anywhere

Any storage space is important in a kitchen, even if it is tiny. This realisation gave rise to No. 15 from Kesseböhmer, an extra-narrow base unit pull-out, which makes a brilliant place to store your herb and spice collection, for example, when located next to the stove (minimum width from 112 mm).


No.15 -the ideal unit for flexible storage in different areas. Store trays and towels easily and within reach.

Impressive technology

The tried and tested No. 15 now offers kitchen designers even more possibilities to use the smallest of spaces between cabinets in a variety of ways. Attractive front panel arrangements can also be designed in the process. The sets of fittings can have practically invisible rail-specific adapters at the front and back underneath the shelves. The fitting system is therefore perfectly adaptable to the requirements of automated furniture production. Clip connectors make it easy to attach or swap over the front panel on a unit that has already been installed. No. 15 can be adapted to eight systems.

Optimum use of width

The No.15 3D-X is the best in its class in terms of use of width and can even accommodate 1.5 L PET bottles.

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ClickFixx reduces installation time and at the same time ensures a high standard of installation. Adjustment is done in no time with a simple screwdriver.

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At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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SoftSTOPPplus for damped closing plus self-closing of the storage cabinet.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

Railing: Chrome
Plate decor: Ice White

Railing: Anthracite
Plate decor: Anthracite

Railing: Chrome
Plate decor: Ice White

Railing: Silver
Plate decor: Grey

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