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iMove – the intelligent pull-out system for wall units

Easy to use, more reachable storage, a clearer view, fast access. This innovative pull-down transforms a conventional wall unit into an ergonomic storage system, adding considerable convenience for the user. This is because all of the stored items are moved downwards and in front of the unit in one elegant movement.

Everything easy to reach

The coveted iF Product Design Award recognises innovations which excel in terms of big and instantly impressive product benefits as well as a clear design vocabulary. Winning this globally recognised prize reaffirms the coherence of the concept. Because iMove significantly increases the ergonomics of larder units. At last, the upper shelf level can be reached comfortably.

Bringing the inaccessible into easy reach

Use with one hand. The entire top shelf level is moved downwards and in front of the unit in one elegant movement. This means that the items stored there can even be reached more comfortably than those on the lower levels of the wall unit. This is further enhanced by the simultaneous lowering of the shelf rail.

It’s all a question of technology

and the gentle push or pull by the user. The charm of the iMove is that the mechanism is operated by a very simple and light movement by the user. Little pull - big effect! Combined with its load, the pull-out ensures a gentle, fluid motion in the downward movement. At the end, there is an automatic locking function and the lowered shelf can be loaded or unloaded with both hands.

The intelligent movement

The iMove is assisted by spring forces so up to eight kilograms can be lifted. Yet the iMove features a very compact design and the fitting has a narrow width, making it suitable for use in shallow wall units too. iMove is based on tried and tested Kesseböhmer technology, manufactured from high-quality materials and offers a high level of user-friendliness and reliability.

iMove in action

Experience the iMove overhead cabinet lift system in motion and discover all the advantages of the product in use.

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SoftSTOPP for damped closing of the storage cabinet. 

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Flexible lift systems for overhead cabinets 

iMove compensates for big differences in the height of wall units with a high degree of installation flexibility and with a choice between models with one or two levels. iMove Single is suitable for units from a height of 470 mm (no upper limit), while iMove Double is used for unit heights from 710 mm. Carcase differences, for example the thickness of the side panels, are easily compensated for by the system. iMove is therefore suitable for hinged doors and lifting doors.

The Kesseböhmer iMove Single

With one level to fill, iMove Single is especially suitable for lower units or overhead kitchen cabinets with intermediate shelves. It can therefore be fitted into the smallest kitchens too.

The Kesseböhmer iMove Double

The iMove Double has two levels to fill separately. iMove Double is the best choice from a unit height of 710 mm. It utilises the available space perfectly and ensures that the whole space can be used in the wall unit.

Design variants

Ice White



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