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Retail Solutions in Bohmte: Kesseböhmer sets standards with modernity and quality

Bohmte is the heart of our state-of-the-art production facilities at Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions and acts as a strategic location that plays a key role in maintaining our quality standards as an industry leader. Through the clever combination of strategic location and innovative technology, we are establishing ourselves as a reliable partner for sophisticated shopfitting in the retail sector. Another key to our success lies in our modern standard machines, which are in use in Bohmte. These machines guarantee the highest quality standards and can also be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of our customers. From the first planning step to the final implementation, we focus on precision and efficiency to ensure that every shopfitting project meets the specific requirements. The modernity of our machines enables us to successfully implement even the most demanding projects not only efficiently, but also extremely flexibly.

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Our innovative technologies for excellent Retail Solutions

At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions in Bohmte, we rely on pioneering technologies to guarantee the highest quality and tailor-made solutions in retail shopfitting. Our modern production processes include advanced techniques such as powder coating, glass processing, laser cutting, forming technology, wire processing, wood processing, assembly and welding, as well as laser welding (arc welding, resistance welding).

Glass processing for elegant accents

We set elegant accents with glass processing and precise laser cutting. These technologies enable the individual design of display cases, shelves and other elements to ensure an appealing presentation of your products.

Laser cutting, forming technology and wire processing for flexible shaping

The use of advanced forming technology and wire processing enables us to create flexible shapes. This allows us to respond optimally to spatial conditions and create customized solutions for your retail space.

Wood processing for natural aesthetics

Our woodworking techniques emphasize the natural aesthetics of your retail fixtures. High-quality wood materials are precisely processed to create an appealing and warm atmosphere.

Welding and assembly for complete implementation

From planning to implementation: our experienced teams take care of the assembly and welding to ensure that every aspect of your store fitting is perfectly implemented. Precision and care take center stage.

At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions in Bohmte, we combine advanced technologies with craftsmanship to create unique and high-quality retail spaces. Our wide range of technologies enables us to respond flexibly to your requirements and offer innovative solutions that meet your individual visions.

Powder coating for durable surfaces

Our powder-coated surface finish not only gives the furniture an aesthetic touch, but also ensures a durable and resistant coating. The variety of color options makes it possible to design the Retail Fixtures according to individual ideas.

Precise laser welding for robust constructions

Our robust constructions are partly realized by precise laser welding. This technology not only ensures a high level of stability, but also enables the implementation of intricate details for an appealing design.

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions Bohmte and sustainability: your partner for innovative solutions

Sustainability as a commitment

Another aspect that is close to our hearts at Kesseböhmer Ladenbau in Bohmte is sustainability. Our modern standard machines are not only efficient, but also designed to conserve resources. We use environmentally friendly materials and implement processes that minimize the impact on the environment. For us, sustainability is not just a trend, but a commitment to our customers and the environment.

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions Bohmte - Your advantages at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions for your retail space
  • State-of-the-art, flexible standard machines for maximum precision
  • Quality, innovation and sustainability as trademarks
  • Experienced team of Retail Solutions experts
  • Environmentally friendly production processes and materials

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions Bohmte - Your first choice in retail

With our production site in Bohmte, we not only offer customized shopfitting solutions, but also focus on the highest quality, precision and sustainability. Our modern standard machines enable flexible adaptation to the individual requirements of our customers. Put your trust in Kesseböhmer Retail Solution's many years of experience and expertise and design your retail space according to your wishes and requirements.

Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions Bohmte - your expert for individual retail concepts. Contact us for more information and let us convince you of our tailor-made solutions.

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