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Operating surfaces in Retail Solutions:
Attractive design and efficient functionality

In the world of food retail, the service department is more than just a place where goods are passed over the counter. The serving department is not only labor-intensive, but also cost-intensive. This is why a well thought-out and efficient design of the serving areas is of crucial importance.







The importance of an appealing and functional design

  1. Customer loyalty through aesthetic design: The fresh food counter is not only a functional element, but also an aesthetic statement. The apron above the counter enables an appealing design that has a positive effect on the customer as soon as they enter the store.
  2. Efficient space planning: When planning and designing service areas, it is crucial that store staff do not have to walk long and unnecessary distances. Well thought-out planning minimizes workload and maximizes efficiency.
  3. The challenge of distraction: The design of the fresh food counter must be appealing without distracting from the actual product. The challenge is to create a harmonious unit in which the presentation of the products takes center stage.

The flexibility of service counters in self-service

What will the counter of the future look like?

Functionality in flexibility: Modern service counters are characterized by their adaptability. The option of converting the counter to self-service not only offers added value for the customer, but also optimizes the use of resources, especially on days when sales are low.

Can the counter be converted from SB?

Flexibility as an economic factor: Converting the serving counter into a self-service area can be a cost-effective solution. However, this requires well thought-out planning and a design that is suitable for both service and self-service.

Integration into the market design

Harmony and brand identity

A fresh food counter that appears isolated can disrupt the overall image of a store and impair the brand identity. This is why we attach particular importance to a well thought-out integration of the service counter into the overall design of the store. The design takes into account the architectural elements, color palette and visual guidelines of the store. The result is a harmonious appearance that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Seamless integration makes the fresh food counter an organic part of the store design, reinforcing the brand identity and ensuring a consistent visual presence.

Our expertise in the area of operating surfaces in Retail Solutions

Sensitive design, comprehensive implementation: tailor-made solutions for customer needs

Our approach to designing service counters goes beyond mere function - we understand the individual requirements and needs of our customers. Every market is unique and therefore we place great emphasis on creating counters that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. By working closely with our customers, we develop customized solutions that reflect their vision and brand identity. We not only create functional spaces, but offer aesthetic experiences that increase customer satisfaction and contribute to long-term customer loyalty.

From planning to implementation: an all-round service for maximum efficiency

Our services cover the entire process, from initial planning to final implementation. We understand that the successful realization of a service counter requires more than just a sketch. That's why we offer a comprehensive all-round service. Our experts not only create detailed wall elevations and installation plans, but also supply work areas, glass door systems and communication areas. This integrated approach guarantees not only a smooth process, but also compliance with the highest quality standards throughout implementation.

Water resistance sets it apart from the competition: durability and easy maintenance

Another feature that clearly sets us apart from the competition is the consistent use of waterproof materials. In the fresh food department, where the service counter comes into contact with various liquids on a daily basis, this is of crucial importance. Our materials not only ensure an impressive service life, but also make maintenance and cleaning easier. Water resistance ensures that our work cabinets at the back of the service counters function optimally even under demanding conditions. This focus on durability and ease of maintenance is another reason why our solutions stand out in the industry.

The importance of Serve Over Counter design in Retail Solutions

Aesthetics as a success factor

Communication and buying impulses when entering the store: the apron above the counter is an important design element. Due to its central positioning at the fresh food counter, it offers a unique opportunity to communicate with customers in a targeted manner. Usually strikingly designed, it helps customers navigate to the fresh food counters and service areas as soon as they enter the store. The use of smooth and shiny surfaces in the service areas should also be noted. Easy-to-clean materials such as tiles are often used here.

Last impression on leaving: The fresh food counter and its design are not only crucial when entering the store, but also when leaving. A well thought-out design not only creates a positive last impression, but also contributes to long-term customer loyalty.

Efficiency and impact: efficient space planning and attractive design go hand in hand. The operating areas in retail solutions are not only places of exchange, but also interfaces between efficiency and aesthetic demands. Thanks to our expertise in the area of operating surfaces, we not only create functional working areas, but also worlds of experience that sustainably support market success.

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