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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions in the textile trade:
Perfect staging for success and customer satisfaction

The importance of well thought-out retail fixtures

Store design in the textile retail sector plays a crucial role in not only presenting products attractively, but also creating a positive shopping experience for customers. In this context, Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions aimed at meeting the specific requirements of the fashion and textile industry. Our focus is not only on functional elements, but also on aesthetic design and efficient use of space.

Versatile retail fixture elements for the textile sales area

The Kesseböhmer product range includes a wide selection, from round stands to lattice tables and sales gondolas. These elements are designed to optimize the presentation of fashion goods while making effective use of space. With creative ideas for shelf integration, we ensure that every item of clothing can unfold its full effect. Additionally, we assist in the selection of lighting, color schemes and décor elements to reinforce brand identity and enhance the customer's shopping experience.

Products for retail solutions in the fashion and textile sector

Our product range extends from coat racks and salesroom essentials to specialized displays. Coat racks not only offer a practical solution for the presentation of clothing, but also contribute to the aesthetic design of the salesroom. Salesroom essentials such as tills, sock hooks and ready-to-wear frames ensure stylish yet functional retail fixtures. The specialized displays focus on specific products to promote sales and provide a targeted shopping experience.

Center stand and stand

  • Ring stand: A versatile and eye-catching display for the presentation of clothing collections.
  • Ring stand: Elegant and space-saving, perfect for high-end boutiques.
  • T-rack: Ideal for the clear presentation of a large number of garments.
  • Clothes rail: Designed to make your garments easily accessible to customers.

Essentials salesroom

  • Rolling bar: A convenient solution for transporting goods and replenishing stock.
  • Baskets and mesh baskets: stylish storage options that keep your store tidy.
  • Rummage table: An inviting way to present items for sale and encourage browsing.
  • Sales gondola and sales stands: Versatile displays that can adapt to your changing product range.
  • Shelf gondola: Functional shelving to maximize the space in your salesroom.
  • Stand for fashion items: Tailor-made for stores with a focus on fashion items.
  • Cross stand: A modern and flexible display solution.
  • Mesh roll box: An innovative way to present textiles and accessories.

Specialized displays

  • Textile gondola: Perfect for stores with a strong textile focus.
  • Jeans hooks: A unique way to present jeans collections.
  • Changing room: Create a comfortable and appealing space where customers can comfortably try on your clothes.
  • Jewelry tower: An impressive display for any accessories.
  • Presentation of textiles: Highlight your range of textiles with a well thought-out presentation.
  • Mirror: Indispensable so that your customers can see how they look in your clothes.
  • Sales counter: Efficient and stylish checkout and customer service area.

Individuality and flexibility: Tailor-made Retail Solutions for your textile salesroom

In the textile sector, we rely on the approach of individual retail solutions, which enables us to offer customized solutions and custom-made products for fully equipped retail spaces. We understand that your textile retail space should be unique and reflect your individual brand values. Our design department will work closely with you, from brainstorming to construction, to develop a bespoke concept that meets your exact requirements. Working with our experts allows you to design the store fit-out so that it is not only functional, but also an aesthetic reflection of your brand.

System shop fitting for efficiency in the textile trade

Our system retail solutions are specially tailored to the textile retail sector to ensure efficiency in retail solutions. This is particularly relevant for larger rollouts in textile retail solutions. In addition to the production of furnishings, we offer comprehensive advice and store planning. Our aim is to support you in the development of an effective sales concept and to ensure the optimum presentation of your products.

The importance of the right concept in Retail design

Careful conceptualization in retail solution design is of decisive importance for the success of a textile store. In addition to aesthetic presentation, we place great importance on optimal use of space and customer-friendly design. Sophisticated conceptual design aims to make efficient use of the available space while creating a pleasant shopping environment. A customer-friendly design facilitates the shopping process and increases the well-being of your customers.

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