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Storage solutions

Kitchen accessories – smart storage and organisation systems

The outstanding innovative spirit that permeates the entire Kesseböhmer product range can also be seen inside our product solutions. To complement our unit solutions, we offer an extensive range of kitchen accessories which purposefully and flexibly round off interior spaces. Practical drawer organisers, such as SpaceFlexx or FineLine LinQ, and kitchen organisers, such as DepotLine and YouBoxx, allow you to make effective use of Kesseböhmer products and always make using them feel like a smart experience and an absolute joy. Combining the various products with one another allows you to plan a perfect symbiosis for food storage on another level.


SpaceFlexx® – the flexible and width-adjustable organisation system for drawers in kitchens, children’s rooms, bathrooms and wardrobes. Made in Germany.

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FineLine LiniQ

As well as three elegant wood versions, the FineLine LiniQ cutlery insert system from Kesseböhmer is available in sustainable OrganiQ material.

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DepotLine storage containers from Kesseböhmer make kitchens stylish and exceptionally well-organised. The right way to store spices and food!

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With YouboXx storage containers from Kesseböhmer the kitchen becomes stylish and extremely well organised and tidy. The right way to store spices and food!

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Baking tray holder

Kesseböhmer’s baking tray holder provides a space for every baking tray so it is quick and easy to reach. Installation is easy and straightforward. Simple installation.

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Innovative products and smart solutions such as ClickFixx, eTouch, push‐to‐open, SoftStopp and 3D adjustment are superb for everyday use.

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Base units

Smart base unit options from Kesseböhmer don’t just create extra storage space in the kitchen. There’s a suitable base unit solution for every room.

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Larder units

Kesseböhmer’s CONVOY, TANDEM and DISPENSA product lines are smart larder unit solutions for the kitchen. Ideal for vertical food storage.

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