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Cigarette shelving at Kesseböhmer: Optimal solutions for retail fixture

As experts in shopfitting, Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions offers a wide range of tailor-made shopfitting solutions aimed at enhancing the shopping experience and maximizing sales. Our focus is not only on functional fittings, but also on aesthetically pleasing design that supports the brand presentation and experience. In this context, cigarette shelves play a central role, as they are not only used to store tobacco products, but also to communicate brand identity and create inviting shopping environments. In addition to the specific requirements and challenges that retailers face in the area of tobacco presentation, we offer innovative solutions that meet the latest standards for youth protection, theft protection and brand presentation.

Why is a cigarette rack important?

A cigarette rack plays a crucial role in the retail environment, especially in stores that sell tobacco products. It not only serves to safely store cigarettes and other tobacco products, but also to effectively display and sell these products. Here are some reasons why a quality cigarette rack is crucial:

Protection of minors

A cigarette shelf should be specially designed to make it difficult for minors to access tobacco products. We use various security mechanisms such as locks, shutters and sliding doors to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the tobacco products.

Efficient tobacco presentation

A well-designed cigarette shelf enables an appealing and clear presentation of different tobacco brands and varieties. The right placement and arrangement makes it easy for customers to find and buy the products they want.

Theft protection

Given the high theft rate of tobacco products, anti-theft protection is an essential feature of a cigarette shelf. Our solutions offer security features that minimize the theft of tobacco products and give retailers peace of mind.

Various solutions for the retail sector

A cigarette shelf is more than just a simple piece of furniture - it is a tool to optimize the sale of tobacco products and at the same time ensure the protection of minors. In the retail environment, it is important that cigarettes and tobacco products are presented safely and attractively. That's why we at Kesseböhmer offer a wide range of in-store solutions, including:

Free-standing cigarette shelves

These shelves are stand-alone units that can be flexibly positioned in the sales area and enable an effective presentation of tobacco products. They are usually located just before the checkout area.

Wall shelves as cigarette racks

These shelves are mounted directly on the wall and offer a space-saving solution for the storage and presentation of cigarettes and other tobacco products. They are usually found in the information checkout area.

Cigarette racks with locking mechanism

Many cigarette shelves are equipped with secure locking systems to prevent unauthorized access to tobacco products and to ensure the protection of minors.

Different variants per food retail

Every retailer has different requirements and room concepts. We therefore offer customized solutions that meet the individual needs and requirements of each retailer.

Optimal cigarette storage with youth protection

The cigarette shelves are designed to comply with youth protection regulations and at the same time enable an efficient and attractive presentation of tobacco products.

Sales aids for special goods

In addition to cigarettes, we also offer solutions for the presentation and sale of other tobacco products such as cigars, pipes and accessories.

Overall, our cigarette racks offer an ideal combination of functionality, safety and aesthetics to meet the demands of modern retail. With a well thought-out design that ensures both the presentation and protection of tobacco products, our racks enable efficient use of retail space while providing an appealing appearance that attracts customers' attention. Thanks to high-quality materials and careful workmanship, our cigarette racks are durable and easy to maintain, making them a long-term investment for retailers. Our solutions are continually evolving to meet changing retail needs and trends, providing a future-proof option for store fit-out.

The importance of a safe cigarette shelf

A secure cigarette shelf is an essential element for any retailer selling tobacco products. Not only does it ensure the protection of minors, but it also provides theft protection and efficient display of tobacco products. At Kesseböhmer, we understand the importance of a high-quality cigarette rack for retailers and offer customized solutions that meet the individual requirements and space concepts of our customers. Invest in a secure cigarette shelf and optimize the sale of your tobacco products.

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