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Storage solutions

MagicCorner – extra storage in the kitchen

Magic Corner is an exciting kitchen corner unit solution. With this system, a shelf is moved to the side when the front panel of the corner unit is opened. This sideways movement brings a pull-out forward and makes the storage space behind it usable. When pulled out, the Magic Corner kitchen corner solution offers unique accessibility and use of space. Perfect for pans, crockery and small appliances. The corner pull-out is a great alternative to the classic kitchen carousel.

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The “magic” solution for your corner

Actually, it's more about cleverness and technical sophistication than magic. Because the Magic Corner is capable of accommodating two very useful pieces of cabinet equipment next to each other in a corner unit. In one movement, the intelligent pull-out technology brings the front and pull-out shelves into sight and reach both at once. Everything you know from Kesseböhmer in one fluid, noiseless motion. It even closes almost by itself. One gentle push is enough - then the SoftStopp ensures it closes quietly and gently.

Accessibility and use of space

The corner unit fitting attached to the unit door brings the shelves and their contents forwards and you can take out any of the kitchen utensils stored on them without having to bend down and lean in so it is better for your back. At the same time, that often dead storage space inside the corner unit is actually used effectively.

High-quality technology for kitchen corner base units

Four good-sized shelves split over two levels offer lots of storage space. The front shelves measure 295 x 470 x 88 mm and the back ones are 390 x 470 x 88 mm each. With a load capacity of 14 kg (front) and 18 kg (back), there are almost no limits to what you can keep on them. The corner unit pull-out fits base units with outer dimensions of 500 x 900 mm or 1000 mm and is suitable for door widths from 450 - 600 mm. A minimum clear unit height of 525 mm is required for installation.


SoftSTOPP for damped closing of the storage cabinet. 

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ClickFixx reduces installation time and at the same time ensures a high standard of installation. Adjustment is done in no time with a simple screwdriver.

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Kesseböhmer's special ARENAplus coating prevents pots and pans, crockery and groceries slipping and sliding when a pull-out is opened or a carousel turned.

Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

Railing: Chrome
Plate decor: Ice White

Railing: Anthracite
Plate decor: Anthracite

Railing: Chrome
Plate decor: Ice White

Railing: Chrome
Plate decor: Grey

Railing: Silver
Plate decor: Ice White

Railing: Silver
Plate decor: Grey



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