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Retail Solutions in food retail: innovative concepts for sustainable success

In the dynamic world of food retailing, shopfitting is becoming increasingly important and is a key factor in the success of a store. Food retailers are faced with the challenge of not only offering high-quality products, but also creating an inviting shopping experience. This is not just about the functional arrangement of shelves and products, but also about designing spaces that tell stories and evoke emotions. Independent retailers are increasingly recognizing the need to design their stores not just as points of sale, but as places of experience. This paradigm shift requires innovative shopfitting concepts in the food retail sector that not only reflect current trends but also ensure the future viability of the business. In this context, Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions plays a leading role by developing individual solutions to intensify the "feel-good feeling" when shopping and to successfully realize business goals.







The art of product presentation: creative and effective

Skillful placement as a success factor

The presentation of goods in food retail goes beyond the mere arrangement of products. It's about telling a story, arousing emotions and capturing the customer's attention. How do you design your fresh food counter to emphasize the freshness and quality of the products? Our design department develops individual concepts to present your goods in the best possible way and inspire customers.

Optimal use of the available space

The space in your store is precious. How can you make the best use of it to maximize the visibility of your products? The right arrangement of shelves, high shelves and display areas is crucial. Our shopfitting experts analyze the available space and develop tailor-made solutions to present your product range in the best possible way while optimizing walkways.

Planning routes:
Efficiency meets customer satisfaction

Strategic routes for targeted purchases

Walkways in food retail should not only be efficient, but also customer-friendly. How can you plan routes so that customers are guided to specific product areas? Our planning takes into account not only logistical aspects, but also the psychological element of shopping behavior in order to create optimal routes.

Focus on impulse purchases

Effective walkways can help to promote impulse purchases. By cleverly placing products along walkways, customers are encouraged to discover and purchase additional products. How can you use this tactic in your store to increase average basket value? Our experts can advise you on how to strategically place your products to stimulate impulse purchases.

The variety of fruit and vegetables on display:
Bringing freshness to life

Creative presentation as an eye-catcher

The fruit and vegetable display is not only a functional element, but also a visual eye-catcher. How can you emphasize the freshness and variety of your products through creative presentations? Our design department develops innovative concepts, from salad bars to individual fruit departments, to increase the attractiveness of your fruit and vegetable display.

Flexibility with seasonal offers

Seasonally changing products require a flexible design for fruit and vegetable displays. How can you adapt your presentation to the different seasons? Our shopfitting experts can advise you on how to use flexible solutions to present seasonal products in an appealing way while emphasizing freshness.

Trends in food retail:
Keeping up with the times and looking ahead

Sustainability as a guiding principle

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a guiding principle in modern food retailing. How can you integrate sustainable practices into shopfitting? Our experts focus on environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency to underline your responsibility for the environment and society.

Digital integration for a modern shopping experience

Digitalization is also influencing the food retail sector. How can you integrate digital elements into your fresh food counter to create a modern shopping experience? Our design department thinks beyond traditional concepts and develops innovative approaches, such as digital price tags or interactive information boards.

Efficient personnel management:
Modern solutions for the food retail industry

Self-service checkouts and their advantages

Self-service checkouts are becoming increasingly popular as they not only save time, but also reduce staff costs. How can you integrate this solution into your store without neglecting personal customer service? Our shopfitting experts can advise you on the optimal placement and implementation of self-service checkouts.

Innovative checkout solutions for smooth processing

The checkout phase is crucial for customer satisfaction. How can you use innovative checkout solutions to minimize waiting times and facilitate the payment process? Our project management team not only plans the optimal arrangement of checkouts, but also advises you on modern payment options to increase checkout efficiency.

Our strengths in detail:
Why Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH?

Project management as the key to success

Successful implementation in shopfitting requires professional project management. How do you ensure smooth coordination of all steps from planning to implementation? Our experienced project managers are your reliable partner, ensuring that every detail is taken into account and that your project is implemented successfully and on time.

Everything from a single source for minimized effort

The variety of requirements in shopfitting calls for a comprehensive solution. How can you ensure that all aspects are covered, from conception to realization? Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions offers you an all-round service - everything from a single source. This minimizes your workload and ensures efficient and successful implementation.

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