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DIY store retail fixture: perfect solutions for attractive and functional fittings

Challenges in the DIY market

In the multifaceted world of DIY stores, store fitting faces unique challenges. The enormous variety of products, the often heavy weights and large dimensions place special demands on presentation and storage. The design of DIY retail fixtures plays a decisive role in not only presenting the goods in the best possible way, but also creating an appealing and functional shopping experience.

The complexity of the product range

DIY stores and garden centers are veritable treasure troves for DIY enthusiasts. The spectrum ranges from handy tools to extensive building materials. The challenge is not only to present this wide range attractively, but also to ensure efficient storage given the heavy weights and large dimensions of the products. Well-designed DIY store equipment is the key to not only presenting the goods effectively, but also creating a pleasant shopping experience.

The art of product presentation

The unique requirements of DIY stores require specialized solutions for the presentation of goods. Pallet placements, dry shelving, checkout counters, entry and exit systems, advice counters and heavy-duty and depot shelving are just some of the components that play a role in shopfitting for DIY stores. The integration of shelving within the heavy-duty shelving is particularly ingenious, allowing even smaller products to be presented effectively and attractively. Not only the indoor areas, but also the demanding outdoor area, especially the garden market, must be taken into account. Here, we rely on the use of galvanized shelving that can withstand the special weather conditions.the selection of goods in the farm store is as varied as the landscape from which they come. Customers appreciate the quality and freshness of the products, which are often bought directly from the farm or neighboring farms. This direct link between producer and consumer creates the trust and transparency that characterize the farm store - without the need for personal contact when shopping.

The importance of first impressions

In a world where shopping has long since become an experience, first impressions play a decisive role. The design of the DIY store interior is more than just a functional concept; it creates an ambience that invites and inspires customers. The combination of aesthetics and efficiency is the key to a successful DIY store layout, where customers not only find what they are looking for, but are also encouraged to discover more. In this complex interplay of offer and presentation lies the art of shopfitting in DIY stores - an art to which we have dedicated ourselves with passion and expertise.

The variety of DIY store furnishings at a glance

Versatile shelving systems for any environment

DIY stores rely on a comprehensive range of retail fixtures, from pallet placements, dry shelving and checkout counters to entry and exit systems as well as heavy-duty and depot shelving. The integration of shelving within the heavy-duty shelving enables optimal presentation of even smaller goods. In the garden market, special galvanized shelving is used that not only withstands the special weather conditions, but also has an aesthetically pleasing design.

Strong partnerships and challenges in the garden market

Our partnerships with renowned brand manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Stihl and Grohe underline the trust placed in our SiS shelving for the effective presentation of high-quality products in DIY stores. Special challenges in the garden centre, caused by weather conditions, are mastered through the targeted use of galvanized shelving. These demonstrate not only adaptability to different environments, but also our expertise in developing robust solutions for outdoor use.

Challenges and issues in the home improvement sector

Compliance with legal requirements

DIY store furnishings are subject to a large number of legal requirements. Our focus is on offering solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meet all legal requirements.

Technical solutions for large product ranges

Coping with snow and wind loads in outdoor areas requires special technical shelving solutions. Our expertise enables us to guarantee safe and efficient DIY store equipment even under extreme conditions. We also focus on the presentation of sober DIY store goods - how can you present everyday products in an appealing way?

Focus on safety and quality

Our commitment to maximum safety and quality is manifested in two key aspects. We place the highest value on transparency and safety for every shelving system. That is why we supply detailed assembly and operating instructions that not only ensure correct assembly, but also safe operation. These instructions contain all the necessary information to ensure compliance with all required safety measures.

In addition, our heavy-duty shelving, designed for loads of up to 4000 kg, proudly bears the "Tested Safety" (GS) seal of approval. This award not only underlines our commitment to safety, but also ensures that regular tests guarantee the long-term stability and safety of our shelving systems. Quality is our top priority in order to meet your requirements.

More than just heavy-duty shelving

Innovative through shelf integration

In addition to the use of heavy-duty shelving, we rely on innovative shelf integration. This not only enables optimum use of space, but also an aesthetically pleasing presentation of goods. Find out how our solutions make the difference and take your DIY store to a new level

All-round solutions from a single source

Our strength lies not only in the manufacture of heavy-duty shelving, but also in the delivery of the entire equipment. From checkout counters and entrance systems to shelving and counters - we can supply everything from a single source.

The importance of the design of DIY retail fixtures

1. focus on the shopping experience
DIY store furnishings go beyond the mere presentation of goods. It creates a shopping experience that makes customers feel comfortable and well informed. A well thought-out and appealing design plays a key role in ensuring that customers are happy to return.

2. The balance between aesthetics and functionality
Finally, we emphasize the importance of the balance between aesthetics and functionality in DIY store furnishings. Our solutions are characterized by well thought-out design that is not only appealing, but also meets the specific requirements of the DIY store.

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