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Value engineering in Retail Solutions: effective process optimization for your furnishing concept

In the dynamic environment of shopfitting, Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH is a pioneer in continuous value engineering. For us, this means much more than just cost optimization - it stands for solution-optimized planning of high-quality furniture with unique designs. We pursue the goal of always offering our customers the best price-performance ratio by regularly checking and adapting our products. In this way, the extraordinary becomes everyday life and we are able to produce and assemble exclusive interior fittings for shopfitting for a reasonable budget.

Effective design and cost agreement

Harmonious balance between aesthetics and economy:

In the multifaceted field of shopfitting, the central challenge is the art of creating a harmonious balance between sophisticated design and a stringent cost framework. Specialists in this field act as bridge builders between aesthetic vision and economic reality, their role being to skillfully reconcile the often conflicting requirements. Value engineering in shopfitting becomes the decisive instrument for maintaining this balance, taking into account both aesthetic demands and economic realities.

Diverse production methods and choice of materials:

The key component for the successful implementation of individual designs lies in the skillful use of advanced processes and a comprehensive variety of materials. This well thought-out approach not only opens the doors for the implementation of conventional designs, but also creates space for the realization of unconventional designs that impress through innovation and individuality. Value engineering in shopfitting plays a central role here by opening up a wide range of design options through the targeted selection of manufacturing processes and materials.

Partnership-based cooperation for optimum results:

The formula for success in shopfitting is efficient cooperation between the client and the implementation partner. This partnership approach is of crucial importance, as it not only leads to the creation of furniture, but also forms the basis for well thought-out furnishing solutions. We consciously strive for an efficient balance between aesthetic demands and economic rationality in order to create solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers to the highest degree. In this context, value engineering acts as a guideline that supports partnership-based cooperation and helps to achieve optimum results that are both aesthetically and economically convincing.

The 5-phase approach of value engineering

Value engineering at Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions follows a structured 5-phase approach, which ensures that the course for effective implementation is already set in the early design phases:

1. information phase:

In this phase, we gather comprehensive information on customer requirements and the scope of the project. This forms the basis for targeted planning.

2nd speculation phase:

Based on the information gathered, we speculate on possible solutions and approaches. Creative ideas and innovative approaches are discussed and evaluated.

3rd evaluation phase:

The speculated ideas are carefully evaluated and analyzed in terms of their feasibility, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics. An initial design proposal and cost framework are drawn up at this stage.

4th development phase:

The selected concepts are further developed and worked out in detail during this phase. State-of-the-art production and automation technologies are used here.

5th presentation phase:

Finally, we present the developed solutions to the customer and are available for adjustments or additions. Transparency and customer feedback are important to us at every stage.

It is clear that value engineering is most effective when a value engineer is involved in the early stages of the design process. This interdisciplinary approach enables continuous improvement and a holistic view of the project over the entire product life cycle.

The importance of value engineering in Retail Solutions

Sustainable product development through process and production optimization:

Value engineering in shopfitting is not just about optimizing costs. Rather, this strategy promotes sustainable product development through comprehensive process and production optimization. The focus here is not only on economic but also ecological aspects. The integration of automation and Industry 4.0 technologies not only enables efficiency gains, but also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint. This ensures not only the current success but also the long-term sustainability of shopfitting.

Modular design and multiple use:

By using modern manufacturing processes, a pioneering modular design and the multiple use of components is realized in shopfitting. This approach goes beyond economic considerations and also serves as an effective contribution to environmental protection. The reuse of components not only minimizes the consumption of resources, but also reduces the environmental impact. This modular flexibility not only ensures economic benefits, but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable, resource-conserving construction methods in line with the ecological challenges of our time.

Innovative further development through value engineering:

Value engineering in shopfitting not only functions as an instrument for current optimization, but also as a motor for innovative further developments. The permanent focus on customer needs and adaptation to market changes make this strategy a pioneer for contemporary solutions and active shaping of the future of shopfitting. This innovative strength not only enables us to adapt to current trends, but also positions shopfitting as a dynamic industry that proactively responds to future challenges while always keeping an eye on the benefits for the customer.

Join us in experiencing the sustainable symbiosis of aesthetics and efficiency as part of well thought-out value engineering in shopfitting.

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