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FREEflap flap fitting – compact and strong

Practical, balanced and compact. FREEflap is the small but strong member of the lift family. At just 118 mm installation depth, it can lift front panels weighing up to 27 kg. It combines front panel connection and stay function, rendering hinges superfluous. With extensive setting options it achieves perfect panel alignment and secure door overlay. The adjustable multi-position function and integrated damping ensure the highest level of user-friendliness. And thanks to pre-installed screws, installation is very easy and extremely quick. 

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Lift fitting for hingeless connection to front flaps

FREEflap is suitable for flap weights from 3.2 - 11.8 kg, depending on the flap height. The ideal flap stay for flap heights from 250 - 400 mm. More info in the installation instructions!

Secure hold

Multi-Position-Stopp ensures a secure hold in any position. The movement system is highly stable thanks to the connection of the euro screws to the base plate.

Easy to open

Opening the front flap is an experience thanks to the special smoothness and lightness of the movement. Opening angle: 107°. Gentle damping when closing.

FREEflap in motion

Flap fitting for hingeless front panels, swings up when opened, secure hold in any position, suitable for handleless front panels, opens to light pressure. Also ideal for extractor hood cabinets, offices, bathrooms and living rooms.

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A gentle push against the front with the hand or even the knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process

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ClickFixx reduces installation time and at the same time ensures a high standard of installation. Adjustment is done in no time with a simple screwdriver.

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At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

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Special features

German Design Award 2015

The nesttex® separating tapes are washable at 30 °C.

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