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Cathodic dip coating - the environmentally friendly protection from corrosion

Impact- and scratch-resistant, corrosion-protective and formable: cathodic dip coating (CDC for short) meets outstanding technical requirements.

If you want to coat a large number of workpieces or complex structures in a corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant manner, cathodic dip coating (CDC) is the ideal solution. Cathodic dip coating is one of the most efficient coating processes for metal surfaces in the (automotive) industry. With cathodic dip coating, metal surfaces can be provided with uniform layer thicknesses and good surface qualities.

Cathodic dip coating is an electrochemical process. The paint is deposited by an electrical current flow from an external electrode (anode) via the conductive paint to the material to be painted (cathode) - similar to electroplating.

The result is a very homogeneous coating of metal surfaces with uniform layer thicknesses of between 15 and 40 µm and good surface qualities.

The final thermal treatment at an oven temperature of approx. 210 °C leads to cross-linking.
The coating meets all standard test requirements of Automotive, agriculture, industry, etc. (PV1210, salt spray, VDA alternating tests, stone impact test, etc.).

The coating is corrosion-resistant to acids and alkalis and is resistant to oil and solvents.
Cathodic dip coating is an environmentally friendly process for the heavy metal-free coating of aluminum, magnesium, cast iron and steel alloys and is mainly used in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and aviation technology.

We offer the CDC process for these materials:
- Steel (sheet metal and cast iron)
- Galvanized steel
- Aluminium

Cathodic dip coating at Kesseböhmer

Watch this video to find out all about the fascinating world of cathodic dip coating at Kesseböhmer! Immerse yourself!

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The advantages of cathodic dip coating

Cathodic dip coating is considered one of the most efficient coating processes for metal surfaces in industry. A major advantage of CDC coating is the uniform coating of metal surfaces with good surface quality. Thus, the CDC process is also suitable for complicated molded parts and very small parts. Dip coating provides effective and long-lasting cathodic corrosion protection or rust protection with high temperature and chemical resistance, despite low coating thicknesses. It is scratch-resistant, safe against stone chipping and, thanks to its high-quality primer, offers the option of subsequent painting.

Commercial vehicles in particular benefit from this, as the method makes them more durable and robust. In addition, as a heavy metal-free coating method, cathodic dip painting is environmentally friendly and has a low concentration of organic solvents at only about 1%. It is well suited to automated coating and meets the high standards for coating in the automotive industry, not least because of its comprehensive resistance to fuels, oils and brake fluids.

We look forward to working with you to develop solutions

In addition to cathodic dip coating, we also offer electroplating and powder coating. Simply get in touch with us.

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