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Storage solutions

Features: Comfort in operation and installation

Kesseböhmer’s outstanding product innovations are based on their meticulously planned, smart features which we end up using in our solutions. Thanks to developments like ClickFixx, eTouch/eTouch+, push‐to‐open, SoftStopp/pro/plus, Synchromatic and 3D adjustment, Kesseböhmer products shine with their unique technical sophistication and outstanding user-friendliness. It’s thanks to the features that the product solutions are so effective in day-to-day usage and, comparatively, make a huge difference.


The Kesseböhmer ClickFixx system for all types of units shortens installation time. Not only the front panel, also the support frame connection elements are clipped toollessly!

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Kesseböhmer eTouch –gentle pressure against the front panel with a hand or knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process.

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Kesseböhmer push-to-open pressure door-opener for handleless doors. Doors can be easily opened, simply by lightly tapping them.

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SoftSTOPP, SoftSTOPPplus and SoftSTOPPpro represent the optimum combination as a powerful damping system for cabinets with a high weight load.

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