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bathBox – the intelligent storage solution

Form follows function, or: practical and beautiful. This applies to the bathBOX15 and bathBOX30. The carcase, with built-in comfortient fittings, can be easily integrated into various areas of the bathroom. The carcase and front panel, made from glass-fiber reinforced sandwich material, can be covered with any kind of material. The waterproof bathBOX is very rigid and can be loaded up to 1000 kg. It is suitable for wet and dry construction.

Invisible storage space in the shower partition

In most bathrooms, a shower partition provides the perfect frame for two bathBOXES installed one above the other. They create invisible storage space on two or four levels for all kinds of bathroom accessories. There is no better way to use a shower wall, and certainly not more efficiently.

Effective use of the privacy screen

The bathBOX can be seamlessly integrated into walls and blends completely into the architecture of the room. This means that it’s practically invisible when closed. The bathBox offers extra storage space in places that would otherwise have remained unused.

Perfectly organised interior of the bathtub

The bathBOX can also be used efficiently on the sides of a bathtub. In combination with the Youboxx system, the BathBox30 allows a perfectly organised interior.

Optimum access in the washbasin

The side walls of a washbasin make ideal use of the space with one or two bathBOXes. All cosmetic and hygiene items can be stored here. The bathBOXes, which allow access from both sides, offer the ideal solution, especially in small bathrooms.

Additional concealed storage space

With the BathBox from Kesseböhmer, your bathroom will not only be more functional, but also more aesthetically pleasing. The base-mounted cabinet offers generous storage space for all your bathroom utensils.

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At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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