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Storage solutions

Concealed module bathBOX - the clever storage solution

Functional elegance for your bathroom: The bathBOX15 and bathBOX30 perfectly combine form and function. The carcass with built-in comfort fittings can be easily integrated into various areas in the bathroom. The carcass and also the front are made of a high-quality derived timber product can be clad with any material. The waterproof bathBOX can also withstand loads of up to 1,000 kg and is ideal for wet and dry construction. Whether for a shower partition, WC partition or as a flush-mounted cabinet - the bathBOX15 and bathBOX30 set new standards in terms of design and functionality for.

Invisible storage space in the shower partition

In most bathrooms, a shower partition provides the perfect frame for two bathBOXES installed one above the other. They create invisible storage space on two or four levels for all kinds of bathroom accessories. There is no better way to use a shower wall, and certainly not more efficiently.

Effective use of the privacy screen

The bathBOX can be seamlessly integrated into walls and blends completely into the architecture of the room. This means that it’s practically invisible when closed. The bathBox offers extra storage space in places that would otherwise have remained unused.

Perfectly organised interior of the bathtub

The bathBOX can also be used efficiently on the sides of a bathtub. In combination with the Youboxx system, the BathBox30 allows a perfectly organised interior.

Optimum access in the washbasin

The side walls of a washbasin make ideal use of the space with one or two bathBOXes. All cosmetic and hygiene items can be stored here. The bathBOXes, which allow access from both sides, offer the ideal solution, especially in small bathrooms.

The storage miracle for your bathroom

The clever flush-mounted module is the perfect solution for more storage space in the bathroom. Watch the video now and be inspired by the bathBOX's many possible uses!

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Inspirations - how to create more storage space with bathBOX













Assembly - Installation - Instructions

In this video, we show you step by step how to install the bathBOX. You will also find a detailed list of tools and materials in the video description.

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1. Can tiles be fitted directly onto the bathBOX?
2. Is the bathBOX waterproof?
3. How do you integrate the bathBOX into a wall?
4. How to open the bathBOX?
5. What weight load can the bathBOXES withstand?
6. Is it possible to install 2 bathBOXES on top of each other?
7. What is the best way to clean the inside of a bathBOX?
8. Are there assembly instructions?
9. Do you have any further questions about the bathBOX?


At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

For shower, WC or as a concealed cabinet

The bathBOX15 and bathBOX30 offer you generous storage space for your bathroom. The carcass with built-in comfort fittings can be easily integrated into various areas in the bathroom. The body and the front are made of a high-quality wood-based material and can be clad with any material.

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