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FREEspace flap fitting

FREEspace is not an optimisation but rather a true innovation in terms of technology, function and design. Slimmer and more elaborate, yet also stronger. The flap hinge is ideal for carcases with single-panel fronts. As a swing up fitting, FREEspace creates more space for storage inside furniture, does away with large cover caps and presents new scope for modern furniture design such as convenient flaps for shallow units.

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The small but mighty fitting for flaps

The FREEspace flap fitting features a minimal installed depth of 63 mm, slim front panel attachment and a spring integrated into the lever arm. The swing up fitting now offers the convenience of simple operation and very smooth running with integrated cushioning for a wide range of front panel heights and almost all panels with market relevance. The integrated opening angle limiter ensures adjustment to individual body height or structural conditions.

Load rating and front panel heights

The fitting with integral cushioned closing can easily cope with 11 kg with a reference height of 400 mm.

Maximum space gain

The space that now becomes free offers maximum storage space right up to the side panels. Especially for tall items and on removable shelves. Slim thanks to integration of the spring into the lever arm of the flap lift fitting. More storage space is created since no additional cover caps are needed.

Simple and intuitive installation

Positioning pins, prefixed screws and fewer parts make assembly simple while the straightened arrangement of the adjusting screws allows accurate access to 3D front panel adjustment. Includes positioning tabs and tool-free installation of the front panel with ClickFixx.

FREEspace in Action

Small can be stronger, stronger can be simpler, simpler can be better and better can be more efficient. This small but mighty compact fitting differs greatly in size, design and technology from current conventional furniture fitting solutions but offers an advantage in terms of practical function.

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At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

Ice White




FREEspace mini – small but mighty

Up to 11 kg for 400 mm front panel height
- Front panel height range 200–650 mm

FREEspace forte – for heavy unit fronts

- Up to 15 kg for 600 mm front panel height
- Front panel height range 350–650 mm

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