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Folding fitting in modern design

FREEfold folds the front panel as it moves upwards to save space. This makes it an intelligent solution for low ceilings, various heights of wall units and large, heavy front panels. It offers a wide variety of impressive design possibilities: efficient sequences of movements for modern kitchens. The minimal obstruction of the opening and the tried and tested multi-position stop function make Kesseböhmer’s FREEfold flap fitting impressive. The patented damping in both the opening and closing directions ensures a unique feel to it in use.

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Contemporary convenience

The integrated Multi-Positions-STOPP ensures it comes to an immediate and secure halt in any position. Central safety hinges prevent fingers from becoming trapped. FREEfold is ideal for glass fronts and creates fascinating impressions of transparency and lighting. 

Extremely easy assembly

Spigots, pre-installed euro screws, rapid installation technology for the front panel and eccentric front panel adjustment all rationalise installation to save time. These are specially for high wall units. But they are also suitable for low ceilings and heavy front panels.

Outstanding movement properties

Thanks to the special disc cam concept, FREEfold has the best movement properties in its class. The movement properties make FREEfold ideal for carcases with two-part front panels with a 1:1 ratio. Especially space-saving folding even on tall front panels.

Minimalist design

The folding fitting in its modern design with clean lines is especially suitable for overhead units with wooden flaps or with aluminium frames. The visual restraint of the minimalist design draws attention to the technology and functionality.

FREEfold high folding fitting – a fluid experience of movement

Flaps, folding, gliding, swinging in harmonious upward and downward movements. Without any use of force. The slim design of the technology means the lifts take up less space and retain the maximum storage space as well as easy access to stored items.

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A gentle push against the front with the hand or even the knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

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