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Storage solutions

FREEslide – the lift-up fitting

Form follows function – with beautiful aesthetics. The FREEslide fitting takes the front panel straight up, presenting a multitude of design opportunities in kitchen planning. Ideal for storage compartments arranged on top of each other in a tall cabinet to elegantly conceal microwaves and electrical appliances. FREEslide is also the perfect choice for units hung above each other or wall units with lighting or cornices.

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The multi-talented solution

Easy access to everything stored in the unit while the integrated Multi-Position-STOPP ensures it comes to an immediate and secure halt in any position. Convenience behind a visually consistent unit front - not just in the kitchen but throughout the home.

Ideal for tall units

FREEslide is suitable for tall units and where appliances such as microwaves, music systems or coffee machines are kept.

Easy installation

The integrated positioning tabs ensure it is held onto the side panel of the furniture independently for accurate fixture. Then pre-installed euro screws also save you time and effort when screwing into place. The euro screws also engage directly with the base plate, ensuring the high stability of the movement system.

Easy and secure adjustment

The spring force is set to different front panel weights using a cordless screwdriver to ensure the panel moves effortlessly.

FREEslide in action

The flap fitting for hingeless front panels. The front panel moves upwards parallel to the cabinet. No obstruction from open cabinet doors. Secure hold in any position plus damping for gentle opening and closing.

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A gentle push against the front with the hand or even the knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process

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At gentle pressure, the front opens a convenient engagement gap for manual opening.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

Design variants

Ice white



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