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Storage solutions

The ultra-thin flap fitting FREEslim -
with only 8mm as narrow as an iPad

With the ultra-thin FREEslim flap fitting, Kesseböhmer opens up new dimensions of convenience for the wall unit and sets new standards in the world of furniture fittings. The versatile lifter is just as slim as an iPad and creates storage space exactly where it is needed. The innovative and revolutionary spring technology inside allows for the extremely slim design of only 8 mm, making the FREEslim flap lift hardware a true pioneer in the flap lift hardware market. This makes the SLIM power lift fitting the thinnest power lift fitting on the market and it can be integrated into as little as a 16 mm furniture side panel.

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8 millimetre power pack

Any flap can be opened without using much force with FREEslim. What makes this possible is the innovative technology accommodated in an energy storage system that is a mere 8 millimetres thick. This technological marvel does not compromise on user and designer-friendliness.

Maximum freedom of installation

Carpenters, furniture manufacturers, fitters - anyone working with FREEslim will experience a well thought-out product that can be conveniently integrated into a wide variety of furniture designs. The flap lift fitting can be screwed onto the side panel of the cabinet - or it can disappear into the side panel from the inside or outside.

Fewer variants without losing quality

The fact that FREEslim takes up just the dimensions of an iPad is the result of using ultra-thin and powerful leaf springs instead of conventional spiral compression springs. The effect is large load capacity ranges and thus significantly fewer typologies. Symmetrical components and the separation of lever arm and force accumulator are further efficient building blocks for consistent article reduction. Thanks to this engineering feat, Kesseböhmer was able to save 70 percent of the components.

One product family for every type of opening

FREEslim is a whole family of lifts, which cater for all types of wall unit opening between them. While FREEslim fold was developed for folding flaps and FREEslim swing for lift-up flaps, FREEslim slide is used for parallel lift-up flaps and FREEslim flap is for swing up flaps.

Maximum convenience from electrical assistance

Anyone looking for the greatest possible convenience can equip any of the FREEslim product family with an electric drive. Kesseböhmer has developed the thinnest drive for flap fittings with this in mind. Strength and convenience meet design conformity in this solution.

Maximum power in the smallest space

One of the tasks of hardware and furniture manufacturers is not only to make storage space conveniently accessible, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing. With the ultra-thin FREEslim flap fitting, we have developed a clever solution for wall units that allows maximum freedom in design thanks to various installation options. Hiding the technology makes FREEslim flexible for any planning situation.

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