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cookingAGENT – organisation is the key.

Users choose the elements they want and organise them to suit themselves. Spices, ingredients, chopping boards, even plates and bowls have somewhere to go. cookingAGENT is a true full-extension pull-out, which moves all the contents right to the front of the unit. It couldn't be more convenient. And when your cooking preferences change, it adapts in a matter of minutes. The cookingAGENT base unit pull-out is more than just a classic pull-out larder. It can also be used as a small food storage unit.

A perfect combination of convenience and hygiene

The cookingAGENT from Kesseböhmer has been designed for the special requirements of ambitious cooks – to German quality and hygiene standards which are globally advanced. All the crucial components have been checked for food grade compatibility and extreme ease of cleaning. All of the plastic parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The cookingAGENT is a perfect combination of convenience and hygiene, bringing professionalism into the kitchen and creating the perfect conditions for every single user.

A small agent with inner greatness

The cookingAGENT shows off its inner greatness in compact kitchens especially. As a full-extension pull-out, it offers all-round accessibility to an astonishing amount of storage space. It goes without saying that it is smooth-running and stable while SoftSTOPPplus cushions the movement.

Modular structure – elements can be repositioned

The food-grade baskets and containers can easily be removed, cleaned and repositioned. Whether it is used for cooking ingredients such as vinegar, oil, herbs and spices or coffee, tea, sugar and biscuits, all the ingredients and important utensils are ready to hand.

Contents are held securely

Oils and sauces are also securely held in place. The stable railing holds bottles securely in place with the help of additional dividers. Cooking utensils are all immediately to hand.

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Small larder unit & kitchen pull-out

The cookingAGENT can be equipped entirely according to your needs. Chopping board and knives, cooking utensils, oils and spices - everything has its place. Thanks to the flexible division, you can customize the storage space.

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SoftSTOPPplus for damped closing plus self-closing of the storage cabinet.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

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