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cleaningAGENT – system for storing and tidying away cleaning products

Cleaning materials are often stored in the kitchen but are used throughout the home. cleaningAGENT, the portable cleaning product organiser, is the answer. The caddy, complete with the various containers, lifts right out of the pull-out. It serves as a practical organiser for various cleaning materials, so that they’re always to hand – wherever you’re working. Rubber feet ensure it stands securely and prevents scratches on sensitive surfaces or in the cleaning cupboard.

A neat solution

Particularly practical: the caddy with ergonomic handle. All of the plastic trays are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher so the cleaningAGENT is always clean.

Turns a base unit into a cleaning centre

Finally, all your cleaning products to hand whenever and wherever you need them. Nice and practical, very solid yet extremely compact. cleaningAGENT offers lots of practical details in the smallest of spaces - with plenty of room for everything you need for cleaning. Sponges, brushes and other items are always within easy reach in the top compartment.

Floor or unit side installation, not attached to the door

The Kesseböhmer cleaningAGENT is mounted on the floor and not attached to the door. Retrofitting either on the right or left is therefore no problem. 

Contents are held securely by dividers

Thanks to the rubber feet on the caddy, the cleaningAGENT stands firmly on the floor. The dividers and high-sided containers also ensure that the contents always stay in place.  

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SoftSTOPPplus for damped closing plus self-closing of the storage cabinet.

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Quick and easy to achieve the perfect joint pattern with the precise 3D adjustment.

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