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Sustainability Policy

Together for a sustainable future!
Rockenhausen is convinced that sustainable management is the key to a successful future. With our sustainability policy, we are committed to combining our economic success with ecological and social responsibility.


The sustainability guideline is the basis for the requirements of Holzwerk rockenhausen GmbH & Co. KG, hereinafter referred to as rockenhausen, with regard to economic, ecological and social responsibility. The aim of this guideline is to create a common responsible and sustainable basis with our customers, employees and suppliers to optimize productivity and cooperation in business operations.

1. Occupational Health and Safety

As an employer, Kesseböhmer attaches great importance to a high standard of ergonomics and safety in the workplace. This is backed up by the integrated health and safety management and fire prevention in our factories.

2. Data and Identity Protection

The protection of data and the careful handling of confidential information about our customers, employees and suppliers in order to protect their identity and privacy are of great importance for our company. This preserves the dignity of employees and creates a positive work environment.

3. Environmental Protection and Energy Management

Kesseböhmer tries to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible by using natural resources carefully and sparingly so that residual materials and waste are minimized. We strive for the substitution of waste by materials in the sense of a sustainable circular economy. The company attaches great importance to high air and water quality and tries to contain or at best avoid greenhouse gas emissions and waste water by using the best possible technology and improving production concepts.

In doing so, the company observes all existing environmental laws and regulations and expects the same from all employees and business partners. Kesseböhmer has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 for many years.

4. Ethical Principles

The ethical principles of our family firm are based on loyalty, respect for others, transparency and fair competition without corruption and exploitation. Furthermore, the company opposes discrimination in any form relating to race, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age.

5. Freedom of Association

Employees must be able to communicate openly and respectfully with mutual trust within the company and with management concerning working conditions without having to fear any negative consequences. All employees have the right to form an association, join a workers’ organisation and to nominate a representative or be elected as a representative.

6. Working Hours, Employee Benefits and Remuneration

Fair working conditions with appropriate working and vacation times, adequate remuneration and the provision of social benefits within the Group are in line with applicable laws and collective agreements and serve as the basis for a good work-life balance.

7. Prohibition of Child Labour

Kesseböhmer condemns child labor and complies with the laws and regulations regarding the minimum age for admission to employment and work. All customers and suppliers are requested to comply with these regulations as well.

8. Continuous Improvement

Innovations and improvements are important. The company therefore focuses on continuous improvement in environmental protection, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility. In doing so, our company seeks and promotes innovative ideas from employees through an improvement system and monitors targets in these areas via an integrated management structure.

9. Freedom to choose a Workplace

Our employees' free choice of workplace must be respected. That is why Kesseböhmer offers fair hiring opportunities and provides numerous career opportunities.

10. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

The company complies with applicable export control and economic sanctions regulations and is committed to monitoring supply chains to ensure secure trade flows

11. Awareness and Transparency

Kesseböhmer takes care to ensure that every employee is informed clearly and comprehensibly about their tasks, rights and duties and about important news and events in the company. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, Kesseböhmer offers suppliers unambiguous and comprehensible contracts.

12. Implementation and Responsibility

Supervisors and those in leadership positions set a crucial example in the implementation of the Sustainability Policy. However, every employee is jointly responsible for compliance and the successful implementation of these guidelines.

Status January 2020

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