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Autonomous local supermarket as a micro market

In small communities, the village store is not only valued as a place for local supplies, but is also usually the only option for shopping in one's own village. With the concept of the micro market, small corner stores are now undergoing a contemporary transformation. The term "village store" is gaining a new dimension thanks to innovations such as smartstore technology, which both preserves the charm of rural life and meets modern shopping needs in the form of local convenience stores.






Smartstore technology for an efficient shopping experience

A "smart store" in the context of a village store refers to the integration of modern technologies and innovative solutions to improve the shopping experience, the efficiency of store operations and customer loyalty.

The smart store in the village store aims to improve the shopping experience. From personalized offers and digital shopping assistants to recommendations tailored to the customer - the village store of the future focuses on customer satisfaction. By using data analysis and so-called customer profiles, the needs of customers are better understood, which in turn contributes to targeted customer loyalty. The data on how and what is purchased by which group of people is efficiently processed and evaluated in order to be able to respond even better to the needs of the broad target group. Whether it is the listing of new


Smart stores use customer profiles to offer personalized shopping experiences and tailored offers. The respective operator of the autonomous village store determines an individual product range for their smart store. This is selected according to the needs of the target group and residents and can be optimized over time. This allows the village store to respond to specific and new needs at short notice.

How the digital village store works in practice

The autonomous village store does not fill itself. The operator must define an appropriate product range and enter this into the POS system. Furthermore, it is of course essential that the Micro Market is stocked and kept clean by one person. Otherwise, the Smartstore can operate completely without staff, thus saving on personnel costs and avoiding the problem of a shortage of skilled workers.

Customers are granted access with a valid EC or Mastercard, as well as via Google and Apple Pay. The Kesseböhmer Micro Market does not require the installation of an app or any other prior registration.

Upon entering the smart village store, customers encounter individually combinable modules such as shelves, cooling elements and a self-service checkout. These are put together individually for each customer and adapted to the target group.

Village store 2.0: Micro market at the heart of the community

A Micro Market, a village store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, focuses on local products, creating a small food market that not only strengthens the regional food supply but also promotes community spirit. Residents can buy fresh, agricultural produce around the clock in the village, while handmade specialties can enrich the village store range. Food and other products for daily needs can also be found here in order to offer the widest possible range of products for basic needs. A micro market as a village store can also counteract the problem of supply gaps in rural areas and small villages.

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