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eTouch – just press lightly

eTouch opens up units and new possibilities Units have never been so easy and elegant to open! Gentle pressure against the front panel with a hand or knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process. Electrically assisted, reliable, and low-noise, at any desired location in the kitchen. Regardless of whether it’s a larder unit or a wall unit: eTouch works in perfect harmony with the proven Kesseböhmer pull-out and lift systems. That’s why you can easily retrofit eTouch!

In addition to the gain in convenience, eTouch also offers new possibilities in kitchen planning. Cabinets that open effortlessly without handles meet the trend for a reduced design language and consistent surfaces. Above all, however, eTouch makes daily kitchen work much easier.


Depending on the fitting, the units can not only be opened fully electrically, but also closed. eTouch is suitable for almost all unit widths and is easy to retrofit..

eTouch for ...


Full opening and closing
Suitable for all unit widths


Full opening and closing
Suitable for all cabinet widths


Suitable for all unit widths


Suitable for unit widths of 300 mm or more


A light touch on the front panel brings it to an easy-to-reach opening position. The front of the unit opens by 44 mm and keeps the front panel in this position so that it can simply be opened entirely by hand or closed again automatically. Suitable for all unit widths. The eTouch+ can also be retrofitted.

eTouch+ for ...






eTouch for FREElift

The electronic eTouch power assistance now provides even more ease of use. A gentle touch on the front panel is enough to start the smooth flow of movement. Even heavy front panels are elegantly lifted automatically and without any further power assistance. It is closed again just as effortlessly by tapping the button on the inside. The electric drive replaces the usual manual power, but does not restrict the manual operability.


  • Opens the front panel fully automatically once light pressure is applied
  • Only ONE drive for FREEfold, swing & slide
  • Can be retrofitted to the known types without restriction
  • Runs freely with the well-known FREElift running smoothness
  • No additional processing of the front panel is necessary
  • Programmable additional features
  • Integrated obstacle detection

eTouch for...





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