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Cooperation with the LWS Ostercappeln - two-day practical assignment for the elective courses "Practical Vocational Emphasis"

"It's all great here!", "They're all really nice!" or "The tour was so interesting!" The list of positive comments is long about the two-day internship assignment of the two elective courses "Practical Vocational Focus" of the 9th grade. Everyone involved was very pleased about the resumption of the long-standing cooperation between the company Kesseböhmer and the Ludwig-Windthorst-Schule. The students gained a comprehensive insight into the world of work in the training workshop/metalworking in Bad Essen and also received new impetus for their future career choice.

Personal and close supervision by the trainees/industrial mechanics is very important in the training workshop. The students were guided and supervised by the trainees in small groups during the manual work on the workpieces and the use of the machines. The framework and organization on both days was provided by Mr. Holger Meyer as head of training in the area of technical/trade professions and Mr. Daniel Enns as trainer. Both were available to answer the students' questions about training content, further training opportunities and much more. The trainees were also happy to answer all the students' questions about work activities and other areas of the working world during the group work.

Through these conversations with the employees, the students also became aware of the basic perspective and expectations of an employer, which formed a good basis for preparing for a future job interview.

After two full days of intensive workpiece processing with filing, drilling, milling and turning, the small metal tractor was completed, and the final factory tour concluded these two practical days with information about company structures and possible apprenticeships. "Even after such a short time, you realize that bonds have been built with the students and you let them go with a bit of wistfulness," said Enns. But there was also a correspondingly high level of regret on the part of the students that the engaging time had passed so quickly.

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