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The K2X MultiTool impresses as a genuine all-rounder

Anyone looking for a tool that makes life and work easier will find what they need in the K2X MultiTool: The multifunctional measuring tool assists with all steps involved in assembling fittings and guarantees simple, fast and error-free use. The K2X, available as a set, comes in two sizes for maximum variability.

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One tool, many possibilities

The K2X MultiTool makes the toolbox much leaner thanks to its many possible uses. One single product now includes a tape measure, ruler, angle stop, centre finder, gauge and many other tools. The functions and properties are just as multifaceted: Measuring rulers, practical anti-slip strips, special corners for finding the centre, a movable stop with measuring scale and an integrated spring clamp for fixing to panels up to 40 mm thick are just some of the many options.

In this case, less is more

The combination of individual tools into one universal tool not only ensures easier use, but also has a positive effect on time and quality aspects. Those who install fittings with the K2X can enjoy saving of up to 40% of time compared to conventional measuring and positioning tools. The capacity of exact placement ensures precise and error-free work. Those who require a high degree of flexibility due to different unit depths and widths benefit from the availability in lengths up to 600 mm and up to 440 mm. Specially adapted to the requirements of kitchen and living room furniture.

Product features:

· Finding the centre of the carcase is easy
· Determining the centre of the front panel
· Measuring and drawing 90° angles
· Positioning is needed only once, then two dimensions can be marked out
· Marking of 32 mm intervals
· Adjusting and measuring an individual front panel overlap to cabinet
· Fastening by spring and clamp
· Two measurement ranges, thanks to the measurement shift above and below zero
· Two lengths for maximum flexibility with various depths and widths of unit

Innovative multifunction tool - K2X MultiTool

Get to know our innovative measuring tool that will make your toolbox considerably slimmer: The K2X MultiTool. This multifunctional tool combines numerous applications in one product.

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