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Retail Solutions

Product development in Retail Solutions: Effective solutions for individual requirements

In the world of shopfitting, product development plays a central role in meeting constantly changing requirements. Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH not only presents a broad product portfolio, but also stands out with its high-performance development department. Our expertise ranges from customer-specific system shelving and tailor-made grid tables to bake-off stations and checkout counters in the desired corporate design. We attach great importance to the ongoing maintenance and expansion of our modular shelving system. By working closely with purchasing and production management, we achieve short time-to-market cycles in order to implement your individual requirements promptly.

Customer satisfaction through customized solutions

Focus on check-out furniture, system shelving and entrance systems

Our product groups, including checkout counters, system shelving and entrance systems, are intensively supported by our development department. We respond specifically to the needs of our customers, whether in small or large quantities. If you have any questions about the product groups, we ensure that you are fully informed.

  • What options does our modular system for checkout counters offer?
  • Our customized checkout counters from the modular system combine functionality and aesthetics. We ensure that your corporate design is optimally integrated. Whether you need small or large quantities, we guarantee the highest quality and flexibility.
  • Why is customized system shelving important for your store?
  • Our system shelving is not only flexibly adaptable, but also tailored to the needs of your business. With short development times and efficient production, we offer the ideal solution for a modern and appealing presentation of goods.

Short development times and integrated production

Flexibility and efficiency in product development

The focus of our commitment to excellence is our emphasis on short development times. This strategy illustrates not only our flexibility, but also our desire to respond promptly to the specific requirements of shopfitting. The importance of short development cycles stems from the essential dynamics of the retail industry, where we consider the rapid market launch of new, innovative products to be essential. Our highly specialized development department is geared towards acting not only promptly, but also in close coordination with changing market conditions.

Holistic production for customized solutions

Another outstanding feature of our service is the holistic production of shelves and checkout counters. This comprehensive approach enables us to process a wide range of materials such as wood, sheet metal and wire under one roof. By integrating these different manufacturing processes, we can not only guarantee a first-class service, but also offer shelving and checkout counters as a harmonious overall concept from a single source. This symbiosis of different materials and processing methods not only ensures consistency in design, but also ensures smooth integration of the products into your overall store concept. We understand the importance of efficiency and precision in manufacturing and do our utmost to deliver tailor-made solutions of the highest quality.

The importance of design in product development

Finally, we would like to take a closer look at the fundamental importance of thoughtful design in product development. Experience plays a central role here, not only as a measure of mastery, but also as the key to creating better products. Our corporate philosophy is based on the cornerstones of innovation, expert know-how and continuous adaptation to changes in the market. Good design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is not only pleasing to the eye, but also user-friendly, robust and durable.

Design as the key to customer satisfaction

  • Why is good design crucial?
  • An appealing design not only attracts attention, but also creates a positive customer perception. First-class design not only increases customer satisfaction, but also creates an emotional bond with your company.
  • What contribution does individual design make to corporate identity?
  • The design of products and services is an essential contribution to corporate identity. A unique design sets your company apart from the crowd and conveys messages and visions.

Overall, Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH offers not just products, but holistic solutions that are characterized by individual adaptations, short development times and first-class design. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction is reflected in innovative and high-quality solutions for modern shopfitting. We pride ourselves on creating not just furniture, but thoughtful concepts that uniquely represent your company's identity and goals.

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