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Store layout planning at Kesseböhmer

2D layout planning for grocery retail stores is a crucial step in creating an efficient and appealing shopping environment. By carefully planning the layout of shelving, checkout areas, refrigeration, storage and other key areas, retailers can create an optimal shopping experience for their customers. Layout planning is the prelude to store planning, which is subject to constant two-way balancing and is therefore an integral part of a store concept.

2D layout planning not only serves the aesthetic design of the store, but also has a direct influence on the efficiency of workflows, product placement and customer loyalty. A well-designed store layout can help direct customer flow, increase product visibility and improve the overall shopping experience.

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Who plans my store layout?

Your store layout is planned by our experienced team at Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH, which specializes in the design of retail spaces. From floor plan planning to implementation, we are at your side every step of the way. Our experts have the necessary know-how and experience to understand your individual requirements and develop a tailor-made layout that meets your needs.

2D layout planning requires a deep understanding of retail needs and customer expectations. At Kesseböhmer Retail Solutions, we combine creative design with in-depth market analysis to develop a layout. Not only the functionality, product placement, orientation and customer journey, but also design requirements and creative demands are met and can contribute to increasing your sales.

How do I plan a store / market?

  • Analyzing and directing customer flow
  • Strategic planning of product ranges
  • Maximize the visibility of products
  • Ensure accessibility for customers
  • Consider ergonomics and comfort for customers
  • Efficient use of space
  • Promote customer loyalty with an appealing layout

Planning a store or market requires a holistic approach that takes into account aspects such as customer flow, product placement, visibility and accessibility. With our support, you can develop a well thought-out and efficient layout that increases your sales and strengthens your customer loyalty. Our experienced planners will help you to structure your store optimally and fully exploit the potential of your sales area.

Many years of expertise and in-house racking systems

With over 70 years of experience in store planning, we work closely with many retail partners to develop customized solutions. We not only offer comprehensive advice on floor plan design, but also our own shelving systems, checkout counters and all other shopfitting elements. Appropriate planning with CAD symbols is a matter of course. Our many years of experience enable us to understand the specific requirements and needs of the retail trade and to offer tailor-made solutions that meet our customers' requirements.

Our own shelving systems and shopfitting elements are the result of decades of research and development. They are characterized by high quality, functionality and flexibility and enable you to make optimum use of your sales area and create an appealing shopping experience for your customers. Our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and are therefore perfectly tailored to the requirements of the retail trade.

Effective shelf arrangement and customer orientation

Accessibility and barrier-free access

Barrier-free accessibility is an important aspect of customer orientation. We plan your store layouts so that they are easily accessible for all customers and offer a pleasant shopping experience. Through ergonomic design, we improve the accessibility of your store and increase customer satisfaction.

Product presentation and visibility

Attractive and appropriate product presentation is an essential part of a successful retail business. By placing your goods in a targeted manner, you can attract the attention of your customers and increase sales. We help you to present your products in the best possible way and maximize their visibility in the store layout.

Efficiency and space utilization

The efficient use of space in grocery stores is crucial to your business success. We analyze your space and develop customized solutions to maximize the efficiency of your operations. With a flexible design, we can respond quickly to changing needs and adapt your layout.

Customer loyalty and shopping experience

An appealing store layout contributes significantly to customer loyalty and the shopping experience. We offer innovative solutions to improve customer loyalty and make your store stand out from the competition. Through software-supported planning and visualization, you can optimally design your layout and facilitate decision-making.

The importance of store layout planning in Retail Solutions

Store layout planning is crucial to the success of your retail business. A well-designed layout not only maximizes the efficiency of your operations, but also creates an inviting shopping experience for your customers. Through targeted product placement, optimized customer guidance and an appealing design, you can increase customer satisfaction and maximize your sales. Rely on the many years of expertise and innovative thinking of Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH to optimize your store layout and make your business successful.

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