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Wood is our passion. Taylormade in Germany

There’s a tailored, hand-made interior fitting for every furniture and kitchen manufacturer. We combine traditional craftsmanship with ambitious modern design, resulting in exquisite wooden products for the kitchen which create a tailored kitchen experience that’s specific to you while tastefully stylising everything down to the drawers. We have high standards for quality, which is why our essential manufacturing processes which make rockenhausen products so special consist of pure craftsmanship. We’re proud to have been part of the internationally present and owner-led Kesseböhmer Group, with its home base in Bad Essen, since 2016.

"From a cultural and historical perspective, wood is the oldest renewable raw material and regenerative energy source. You can feel, see and smell this energy when you come into contact with this visually diverse, warm material."

- Martin Rau, Managing Director

FineLine 17.

Luxurious-feeling dividers made from fantastic woods bring elegance and cosiness into the kitchen. The design is optimised to reduce waste and conserve resources. All edges and corners are chamfered and intermediate sanding is done by hand. Any customer request for colour, type of wood, dimensions and accessories can be produced as one-off crafted pieces.

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American oak and European ash cover the whole of the light-dark colour spectrum, allow for many combinations and, thanks to their unique grain and excellent workmanship, will continue look perfect and function flawlessly for a long time.

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EasyLine from rockenhausen provides attractive design in the starting price bracket for drawers and cabinet fittings. The pre-configured sets are made of fine woods and pave the way for a new era of kitchen culture.

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Mixing materials in a new dimension. This patented system allows a wide range of materials to be effortlessly combined and, thanks to its subdividers from 3 mm and up, gives the designer new room for manoeuvre for a reduced look and feel.

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Renewable raw materials are an essential subject that affects us all. OrganiQline is a combination of fast-growing renewable grass fibres native to the region with a water-based formaldehyde and phenol-free binding agent.

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Move bathroom and living space.

Components from our standard product ranges for bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, combined with the horizontally movable boxes, perfectly tie everything together and lend drawer accessories in all living areas a consistent design language.

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ARENA select.

Clear overview at all levels! This is what CONVOY Premio and Lavido offer in combination with ARENA select trays. The individual oak organisation module can simply be placed on top. The most beautiful framework to suit your taste and much more.

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Sustainability is a top priority.

Renewable raw materials are a necessary topic that concerns us all. OrganiQ shows a combination of rapidly renewable grass fibers with a water-based, formaldehyde- and phenol-free binder. An important contribution to sustainability, made in Germany.

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ORGANIQ awarded!

German Sustainability Award

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