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The rise of micro-markets in small-format retail

The modern retail landscape is undergoing a remarkable evolution with the emergence of micro-markets - small, automated outlets that specialize in a variety of products. In this context, we present the unique approach of Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH & Co. KG's unique approach to location-based retail solutions, which not only impress with their technology, but also with their sophisticated design and implementation.

Micro-markets: the future of small-format retailing

Micro-markets are the future of retail and are aimed at small automated stores. Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH und Co KG specializes in innovative self-service markets that can offer a wide range of products from snacks and drinks to everyday items. These markets can be found particularly in highly frequented areas such as office buildings, universities and many other areas.

Unlike traditional vending machines, the Micro Market offers greater choice, fresher and healthier options and self-service options. State-of-the-art technologies such as kiosk systems, various payment options including mobile payment systems and ordering functions are standard. Customers can select products, scan them themselves and pay conveniently at self-checkout tills.

The modular interior allows you to combine various technically innovative devices to suit your offering. From fresh fruit and cold drinks to everyday non-food items - everything in the smallest of spaces. The modern and inviting design makes your visit to the 24-hour kiosk a special shopping experience. The selection of goods in the farm store is as varied as the landscape from which they come. Customers appreciate the quality and freshness of the products, which are often bought directly from the farm or neighboring farms. This direct link between producer and consumer creates the trust and transparency that characterize the farm store - without the need for personal contact when shopping.

Autonomous farm store and micro market: buy fresh regional organic products 24/7 directly from the farm

Discover a new dimension of shopping with our modern approach to the autonomous farm store. Our focus is on the concept of the micro market, a contemporary version of the traditional farm store. Find out more about the advantages of combining regionality, freshness and sustainability.

Kesseböhmer Micro Market: design, technology, complete package

Reg The Kesseböhmer Micro Market sets new standards in the shopfitting sector. Our approach is characterized by openness to the latest technologies, a well thought-out overall package and affordable solutions.

Design: Our Micro Market not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its appealing design. Aesthetics and user-friendliness are in harmony. This can be selected depending on the area of application of the smart store. Prefabricated designs from our in-house graphics department are available for a local supplier, village store or for a staff-free petrol station store. An individual design in the form of a personalized exterior design can also be commissioned.

Technology: The use of state-of-the-art technology enables automated payment and ordering processes. The reliability of our POS systems ensures smooth transactions with a wide range of payment options, such as EC, MasterCard, ApplePay or GooglePay, as well as maximum customer satisfaction thanks to fast processing.

Complete package: Kesseböhmer offers not only the individual product and thus the finished container store, but also a comprehensive solution. From planning to implementation, we ensure a micro market that is perfectly suited to your location.

The advantages of this innovative retail solution are manifold:

  • 24/7 shopping: Customers can shop conveniently regardless of the time of day.
  • Location independence: Micro-markets are flexible and adapt to different locations.
  • Modular interior: Combine different modules for maximum flexibility.
  • Fast, contactless shopping: Modern technologies enable fast and contactless transactions.
  • Self-checkout technology: customers can conveniently scan and pay themselves without long queues.

7 good reasons to open a micro market

Wide range of products

The flexibility and modularity of the Micro Market concept allows operators to offer a wide range of products, from snacks to drinks and fresh produce. The adaptability makes it possible to adjust the offer to the needs of the target group and provide a varied selection.

Round-the-clock accessibility:

An autonomous Micro Market allows customers to shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This uninterrupted access improves customer satisfaction and helps to increase sales, as customers can make their purchases according to their own schedule.

Efficient operating costs:

By eliminating the need for staff, an autonomous smart store significantly reduces ongoing operating costs. Without wage costs, social benefits and personnel management, entrepreneurs can use their resources more efficiently and ensure economically profitable operations.

Contactless shopping experience:

Especially in times of health concerns, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers appreciate contactless shopping options. An autonomous Micro Market enables fast and convenient shopping without personal contact, which promotes the safety and well-being of customers.

Independence of location:

An autonomous Micro Market can be placed at various locations, including petrol stations, office buildings, residential complexes or public spaces. This location-independence opens up a wide range of opportunities to reach a broad target group and maximize market presence.

Modular design for adaptability:

The modular structure of the Micro Market allows operators to design the store flexibly. Whether with refrigerators for fresh products, snack shelves or technological self-checkout stations - the adaptability allows optimal use of the available space.

Technological innovations:

Micro markets benefit from advanced technologies such as self-service checkouts, digital inventory tracking and data analytics. These innovations not only improve operational efficiency, but also provide insights into customer behavior that can be used to optimize the offering and increase customer loyalty.

The flexibility and modularity of the Micro Market concept allows operators to offer a wide range of products, from snacks to drinks and fresh produce. The adaptability makes it possible to adjust the offer to the needs of the target group and provide a varied selection.

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