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"Die Welt" publishes survey result: Kesseböhmer is one of the best training companies

On August 19, 2021, the daily newspaper "Die Welt" published the results of a population survey, according to which the hardware manufacturer Kesseböhmer from Bad Essen is attested a very high training attractiveness.

Which training company is the right one? Many young people are faced with this question every year. The results of a survey now provide guidance. Service Value from Cologne, an analysis and consulting company specializing in relationship management between companies and stakeholders, surveyed for the first time how the population perceives larger companies as training companies in 2021.

Based on the assessments, an unweighted average value was calculated for each company on a five-point response scale, which determined the company's position in the ranking by industry. Companies rated above average received the "high attractiveness" award. Within this group, companies rated above average again received the award "very high attractiveness".

The study "Germany's Best Training Companies 2021" lists 3,998 companies examined, accounting for just under 700,000 assessments, and ranks them - subdivided into services (1,750), trade (400) and industry (1,848) - in a cross-sector ranking. The hardware manufacturer Kesseböhmer from Bad Essen is one of the 810 companies rated as having the highest level of training attractiveness.

With this result, the company can not only profile itself as an interesting employer; it also offers orientation to those seeking training. "Well-trained and qualified workers are an important resource for society," comments Dr. Claus Dethloff, Managing Director of Service Value GmbH, adding, "but this requires not only the motivation of young people, but also the willingness of companies to invest responsibly as training providers."

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