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Rockenhausen at SICAM 2022: Setting the course for sustainable furniture production

The focus is on renewable raw materials such as wood and grasses, which make an active contribution to climate protection. Holzwerk Rockenhausen is dedicated to these natural resources in a mindful and responsible way. The result: high-quality and customized interior fittings for drawers and pull-outs. The company will present current inspirations for the furniture industry at SICAM 2022 at the Kesseböhmer booth in Hall 9. 

"Wood is our passion." The passion for wood as a material forms the basis of Holzwerk Rockenhausen's business. With this attitude, the company succeeds in living sustainability along the entire value chain. The forward-thinking material "OrganiQ" also fits into the concept. It is one of the finalists in the German Sustainability Award Design 2023. They form the narrow peak of Germany's most sustainable companies and design creators. Holzwerk Rockenhausen has also applied for a patent for the material.

It consists to 68 percent of the fast-growing domestic bast fibers hemp and kenaf and to 25 percent of a sustainable water-based binder. In this way, the composite is not only free of formaldehyde and phenol, but also manages with a proportion of just seven percent PET, which is obtained entirely from recycled material. The fibers do not have any direction, so little waste is produced during the processing of "OrganiQ".

"OrganiQ" was impressive right from the start. It can be shaped three-dimensionally, is very light, resistant and food-safe. Just one year after the start of production, the share of sales of cutlery inserts at Holzwerk Rockenhausen was a good six percent - and rising. This is because interior organizations made of this material are also around ten percent cheaper than comparable products made of solid wood, an argument that manufacturers could soon use to avoid the discussion about rising wood prices. Holzwerk Rockenhausen is thus laying the foundation for building furniture sustainably and economically.

At SICAM 2022, the focus will be on "Easyline" and "HoLite", two programs that are feasible in both wood and "OrganiQ". Both materials are in no way inferior to each other in terms of processing and design. Holzwerk Rockenhausen uses machines and systems for both materials equally. Solutions can be realized exactly according to customers' ideas and individual requirements.

"EasyLine": Six-part modular kit for five sets

Cutlery and multifunction inserts, wide and narrow levelling shelves, multifunctional units and insert bars: the "EasyLine" modular organizer needs no more than six components to configure five sets that consistently cover all drawer widths and fit into any kitchen, regardless of the manufacturer and carcase design. The name says it all.

Set 1 consisting of a multifunction insert with space for one accessory fits 300 mm wide drawers. Set 2 includes a cutlery insert and two narrow balancing shelves for drawers 400 to 500 mm wide - Set 3, designed for 500 to 600 mm wide drawers, in comparison, includes the cutlery insert with a multifunctional unit and additional space for one accessory.

800 to 900 mm wide drawers and pull-outs can be equipped with Set 4. It includes a cutlery insert with a multifunctional unit, a narrow compensating shelf, a wide compensating shelf, two insert bars and space for three accessories. Finally, for widths from 1,000 to 1,200 mm, Set 5 offers a cutlery insert with a multifunctional unit, two wide compensating shelves, four insertion bars and space for five accessories. Accessories include an insert cross, a spice insert, a knife block, a foil holder and two boxes for pull-outs.

"EasyLine" is available in all wood types and colors as well as in "OrganiQ". The system fits pull-outs and drawers with a standard depth of 472 mm. For an internal depth of 479 or 622 mm, an additional depth supplement of seven or 150 mm respectively is used.

"HoLite: Two new variants

A cutlery insert with three horizontal bars, optionally in black ash, light oak or OrganiQ, forms the basis for HoLite. This allows drawers to be fitted throughout: in cabinet widths from 300 to 1,200 mm and in the standard depths of 472 and 479 mm, and optionally with depth extension. The bottom is completely covered, which ensures a homogeneous appearance. Freely positionable dividers across two or three compartments extend the system. They can be finished in various types of wood and colors, but also in aluminum, steel or plastic. A double-sided knife block and a foil holder complement "HoLite" as accessories.

"ProR" and "ProS" are the names of the two new variants of "HoLite" that Holzwerk Rockenhausen is presenting at SICAM. In "ProR", the transition from the webs to the base plate is designed to be rounded. In "ProS", a bevel forms a contrasting detail on many edges. The design language is also found in the accessories.

"CombiLine": Interplay of wood & aluminum 

"CombiLine" is an expression of the idea of continuing the trendy horizontal lines on the front with extra-wide drawers and pull-outs on the inside as well. Dark gray anodized aluminum dividers set the scene for the horizontal division in the drawer. Various trays, universal shelves, cutting boards, foil holders and knife blocks that can be used on both sides flexibly organize the contents. In the pull-out area, "CombiLine" is based on a grooved panel. Round plugs, H-frames, L-brackets, bottle, foil and storage can holders and many other clever elements can be individually placed in the horizontal grooves.

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