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Kesseböhmer’s FREEslim adds user-friendliness to overhead units

The tasks of fitting and furniture manufacturers not only include making storage space easily accessible, but also making it aesthetically appealing. Kesseböhmer has developed a clever solution for the overhead unit in the form of the ultra-thin FREEslim flap fitting, which permits maximum design freedom thanks to the various installation options. Hiding the technology makes FREEslim flexible for every planning scenario.

Kesseböhmer is opening up new dimensions of comfort with FREEslim: The versatile energy storage system is as slim as an iPad and yet highly resilient: As a minimalist energy storage system, FREEslim combines user-friendliness with versatile and simple installation. Whether integrated into the side panel or on top, FREEslim can be adapted to many different types of opening. The fitting offers users new freedom in kitchen planning: Thanks to its filigree construction, it recedes elegantly behind the kitchen design.

An 8-millimetre powerhouse
With FREEslim, every flap is pleasantly easy to open. What makes this possible is the innovative technology accommodated in an energy storage system that is a mere eight millimetres thick. “We have created a little technological miracle,” says Burkhard Schreiber, Kesseböhmer’s Managing Director. “Instead of conventional coil springs, we use a specially developed and patented spring technology that is also characterised by its fatigue resistance.” This reduction in variants ensures large load capacity ranges and thus significantly fewer typologies. Symmetrical components and the separation of the lever arm and energy storage system further help to efficiently and consistently reduce the number of items. Thanks to this feat of engineering, Kesseböhmer could cut the number of components greatly.

Maximum freedom of installation at a glance
The fitting is just as convenient for furniture manufacturers, fitters or carpenters to use as it is for consumers: FREEslim can be easily integrated into a wide variety of furniture designs whilst also offering the greatest possible design freedom during installation. The fitting can be screwed onto the side panel of a unit or it can disappear into the side panel from the inside or outside. FREEslim can become totally invisible, even behind glass fronts with aluminium frames, thanks to an aluminium frame adapter. The range of lifters covers all types of opening for the wall unit: While FREEslim fold was developed for folding flaps and FREEslim swing for lift-up flaps, FREEslim slide is used for parallel lift-up flaps and FREEslim flap is for swing-up flaps.

Even more convenience thanks to electrical assistance
Anyone looking for the greatest possible convenience can equip any member of the FREEslim product family with an electric drive. Kesseböhmer has developed the thinnest drive for flap fittings with this in mind. Power and comfort are combined with a design-compliant solution.

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